Congratulations and i think that gif is amazingly cute

thank you!

awesome gif.


Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

you too!

Nicely done and the loop! When will it end lol!

thank you and hopefully never.

The gif is beautiful and cute. I really like it! It seems that she has something to say.


Wow, Lend me a little, JAJAJA
When I grow up I want to be like you, LOL

P.S. the loan is not a joke hahahahahahahaha

Its better for me to have so i can upvote you and give you bigger payouts.
if i loan it out my upvotes are woth less.

A good then it's fine. I will also give you votes when you publish is not as big as you but help, hehe

every little bit helps.

You do not have the slightest idea of how much that really helps, each cent helps many

i might, i wish i was on more to upvote more stuff.

Gay porn spam!! ;)

and no such thing as censorship on steemit.
you forgot to add that part.

Hell yeah! I was talking about this the other day, cause on instagram you can delete someone else comment. I said you cant do that on steem! Then the other person said but you can flag them! Then i thought to myself, the comments hidden due to low ratings are the ones i always look at first cause im really curious. lol Congrats on the steem power hitting 800. I think im gaining a couple sp a day.

Things can be censored with being removed.
thank you, next goal is 1k steempower!

That is bad ass. Congrats. Your gifs are always awesome. How are you liking the new drawing pad you picked up?

Thank you!
its amazing, just havent gotten much time to play with it. couple sketches i posted were ok i guess, last 2 weeks or so been super busy though so havent been sketching much.

hey on a side note I know you have met my friend doomsday when I make a new friend you and a few others are going to be on the next one. It will do the same thing as what i do now for you and them. Just letting you know. I appreciate the friendship and I like to take care of my people.

doomsday is a badass.
ill be sure to check out ur stuff and follow if i like it.

oh im already following.

go read my first post and you will understand

k i will right now.

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