Steemit analytics:comparing david and goliaths.

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Greetings steemit

Here are some interesting data I dig up for you to check out.
I was wondering how well or bad steemit does compared to 4 of the greatest brands in social media.
and here are my results.It is unfair for every new social media platform to be compared with those giants that is for sure,but as you may see for yourself on my post some very positive things are going on.
But first thing first.

Lets start with the traffic share pie:

you can clearly see the dominance on social media of the well known brand names of Facebook twitter reddit compared to steemit with a 0.02% of share,well that is not let's move on.

Steemit its a new platform with an amazing growth
which will continue to grow as we will see on the charts that will follow.

References chart

Steemit is getting feed by the most powerful references sites in modern society.facebook and reddit are way ahead advertising steemit than the 3rd twitter and 4th youtube,this is a clear evidence that more people are going to join our community soon.Actully steemit is about to be flooded with newcomers.
So expect a big explosion of #introduceyourself posts really soon.

Engagement chart

This is the key statistic for steemit in my opinion.We all know time is money,right?And as it seems people are very happy with steemit,so happy actually they are willing to spend a good big chunk of their time on steemit's platform.You can clearly see that they are on par with reddit and so close to facebook that makes you wonder.
What can the future bring to steemit?what are the platforms potentials are?
There is no ceiling for steemit,It will go as far as facebook did in terms of adoption and for not worthy to even mention reasons.It will probably surpass it if facebook does not evolve to the new era of social media.the only think steemit lacks is some social networking tools for its users,in my opinion once that is done steemit will be the new king of social media and that must be considered as a de facto.The ball is now on facebook's side will they remain relevant in they future or will they perish like every so other old tech did in the past.Where would you put your bets.Mine goes that they will try to replicate steemit's model in some ways.
We'll see.till then.

embrace yourselves steemers this looks like a fun ride,from the kind of rides that stay on history.

writen by:
aggelos rossidis.

Edit:wow you guys do you now how much money that is for a Greek

yearly tax note for comparison

I feel obligate for a part 2 of steemit analytics.
follow me and I will deliver @skapaneas

| source analytics used by similarweb |

Is love measurable follow me and find out

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Vhere is The ?


I am sorry what?
Edit:thanks for the suggestion to be honest you are my first encounter with that social media.

Ill give it a look if it has an english translation.
If it doesn't I would like to read a translated text about it.

I will give you this chart to excuse my just ain't a thing in Europe that much.

But thanks for sharing it with me.I learned something today.

Thanks for putting this up. I can't wait to see the demise of FB. Mark Z is too arrogant.

Why do people continue to post there for free is beyond me.

Steem is the future.

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Some context on the current size of our web presence...

Δε χρειαζεται να βαλεις Ε1 αχαχααχχα


Ελπίζω να καταλαβαίνεις τον λόγο που το έβαλα μου αρέσει να διακωμωδώ τα πάντα!

καλός όρισες φίλε μου ή καλός σας βρήκα.
ότι ισχύει.
Σε ακολουθώ.


Ναι ναι, απλα φαντασου το σοκ να σκρολαρω και να βλεπω ελληνικο E1 αααχαχχα - ολα τα λεφτα λεμε...


I feel you. we Greeks are everywhere these days.

an xreiasteis na koitaxw kapio post sou gia orthografia i kati stelne mou mynimataki na to tsekarw sta mpam!

Where did you get the data from?


sorry for that I will put a link on my post for the rest of the ppl to see


thanks for pointing it out.


Cool! Someone was asking for some raw data in a thread yesterday!


he just used free account of similar web and copy pasted.


yes that is true I used some open domain data statistics site for my data.
I am not in a position to buy premiums.
I am Greek,we have a situation that is called capital controls,moving money outside of Greece to pay for the smallest things it is a big hassle and for some Greeks an impossible task.

thanks for pointing this out.every comment is appreciated.



i use simmilarweb but all data thats shown up was not as detail like yours


ya, from where?



sorry for not including it at the original post here is my source.


not a problem! what is import it's to solve the problem soon he arrives :)
check my blog if you want


I will!
thanks for pointing out the obvious.


Come here whales!

happy to see you are on the right way, we'll see the platform growing fast as hell 8]

very interesting story ^^,

Bravo for steemit. Keep movin'

Wow this is really great. Proving the KPI metrics so this can become mainstream by people like us implementing to the masses. Engagement statistics are incredible and very encouraging.

Wow! lot of interesting thoughts

I fell so proud of you ...


Hey there.thank you kind stranger!

Great job on those data @skapanes, very encouraging stats indeed.

I'm a person very interested in stats and numbers as well. However, I believe a large amount of the community here, more or less were driven by the monetary rewards.

For many things in life, when money is involved, things turn out very differently, and for once, there is finally a change when steemit appears. We don't know what kind of change are we looking at in the near future over here, but the future looks good from where I stand now, backed by your statistics. Well done! :)

interesting !
thank you for our vote

but i have made a new post which i find much more interesting than the other one, have look !


Thanks for the article dude and the information!Hope to see future articles like this.

Similar to SP, SMD tokens cannot be purchased directly on an external exchange. SMD are primarily earned through contributing but can be purchased by converting STEEM tokens to SMD tokens.

Actually Steem Dollars can now purchased on external exchanges !

PS Abbreviation of SBD = Steem Backed Dollars
or just SD = Steem Dollars (not SMD please edit)

This Is all great and huge data! @christoryan @mysonjosh

thank you for that data ; )

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