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RE: Introducing The Hand-Shake And How It Can Revolutionize STEEM Blockchain

in #steemit3 years ago

Upvoted and Resteemed. I like this idea. Confirmation of the correct recipient's address would definitely put my mind at rest prior to sending. Even with small amounts, I get nervous wondering if I've done everything correctly. If that could be confirmed by a hand shake, it would put my mind at rest for sure.

Even just a simple check box 'Request Hand-shake' would do the trick. Well, obviously the coding to make that work would be good too!


This simple change can revolutionize cryptocurrency. More people will be comfortable to join, recommend, and use STEEM. I'm glad you like the concept. Hopefully, we can get Steemit Inc to implement it.

It's not up to steemit inc, persay, it's up to every app developer I would think. Have you seen the bot that says "you mentioned sokky but there is no user by that name, did you mean socky?" - that has the right roots already....

Just reread and saw your argument for not leaving it to the dapps, I get that. But still I hate relying on "steemit inc" for anything at all. :|