[Steemzon.com] - Buy or Sell goods and services for Steem Dollars

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I know all of you need money for the Steem Fest and because I find myself in the same situation as you,  I was thinking to create something that can help me and you to accumulate enough Steem Dollars, in order to buy the tickets, accommodation and flight tickets. 

Next year me and @diana.catherine are going to marry (yes, she's the one, my baby  😁 ),  so we have no extra cash for this kind of events. 

We all have something that we want to sell because we no longer need it or , if you are a freelancer, you have valuable services, that can help someone else, who needs them.

Let's see how steemzon.com can help you buy or sell goods and services for Steem Dollars. 

  Easy and free way to publish your ad 

  Price listed in Steem Dollars - SBD

  Many categories for goods and services

  Contact the seller via email or steemit.chat

  Easy way to manage and edit your ads

I think it is the time for us to use the Steem Dollar like a real value and spend it to buy stuff and services that we want or need.

I will continue to update this project, so suggestions are always welcomed. If you want any other features or categories, please use the comment section.

Future plan:

  • escrow services;
  • premium listing;
  • profile picture;
  • buy now button.

Visit steemzon.com to publish your ad or spend your Steem Dollars right now! I also recommend you to join the steemzon.com channel on steemit.chat.

Me and @diana.catherine want to come to SteemFest, so the money earned from this project will go in our Steemfest budget. 


Great Post ! Good Project, finally some where to spend my Steem Dollars

thanks for the feedback :)

Wow nice project looks nice also, question who are the escrow agents and who handles the funds. Also can our wallet addresses be set so they will be in our steemit wallet automatically once purchase it done. Or do the funds go to you after the purchase has been made, you take your cut then users have to request withdraw.
Are the messages between two users private? how are digital products handled on the site to allow multiple of the same object to be sold.
Seems like very important questions that you didn't address in your post.

At the moment the escrow system is not 100% working and is something that i must work on in the next days. The agents hold the funds until the buyer confirm the delivery of the items/services. I will create a reputation escrow system through which, after each escrow transaction is confirmed, the buyer or seller can review the agent. It's a work in progress.
A "pay now" button that redirects the client directly to the wallet address is something that I think we must avoid atm, until I create seller categories that will have this option. In order to avoid scammers. The seller publishes a listing and the buyer takes contact via steemit.chat or email in order to review the details about the services/ the product. The seller can request immediate payment or deliver the services/ product and after that ask for the payment.
You must think to steemzon like a market, where you must interact with the seller, not just click a button.

Oh okay that explains a bit more, and my digital products question, is there plans to allow the sale of the item in unlimited quantity.

Great work, man! This will be a great opportunity for people who want to spend some SBD!

If you have anything for sell I will love to see it on steemzon.com. :P

If I will have something to sell , I will contact you! I really appreciate your work!


Hello! I tried to publish a listing, And none of the uploads are working on the photos.

hello @kalylinart can you please join https://steemit.chat/channel/steemzon.com . I have tested different format of photos and i dont receive any error maybe if you can send me the photo that you want to upload i can understand more about the problem.

Books please - I created an account, but don't see a Books category.

Books category can now be found under "Writing & Translation" . Thanks for the feedback.