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Hello everyone. I am here to share my thoughts on the right mindset that makes you successful on this steem blockchain called STEEMIT.

Well, you might think I am not qualified enough to make a post like this but I think I am, having spent about six months on steemit and having had my high and low points on steemit.


I came into steemit with the desire to get rich quick. When I came in December last year, it was more like a rat race for me. I wanted to get all I can as soon as possible thinking that a platform this good wasn’t bound to stay longer than a few months after the crypto bull run that occurred at the time.

Interacting and making friends was never my concern. I made my first introductory post and was able to make some cash from that. I thought it was going to continue that way. I thought steemit was all about making posts and getting upvotes but over time I realised it was way more than I thought.



When I realised making posts alone wasn’t the way forward, I decided to start participating in contests and that enabled me communicated better with people as I suddenly learnt the art of begging for upvotes on my comments to enable me win the contest. This was so because almost all the contest I participated in at the time requested for a winner with the highest number of upvotes.

It was fun and I was winning contests by begging for upvotes and after a while it became boring and quite difficult. People stopped giving heed to my plea for upvotes and so asking became tiresome.

I strategized a new means of begging which was Upvote for Upvote but not long after, my voting power failed me as I was not able to get all the upvotes I needed by upvoting others before running my voting power to nearly zero.

I became frustrated and decided to leave steeming for a while and just observed. It was during this time that I caught the light on what steemit was all about and also caught wind of a new contest usually held every week by @karenmckersie. The contest was on the Power of Positivity. I was able to read the posts of others who recounted how being positive has changed their life even on the steem blockchain and so I decided to change my own mentality too and adopt the right mentality for success on steemit which is the Power of Interaction.

About Interaction

I made it a point of duty to comment on people’s posts and not just spam comments but very constructive comments. I realised the need to be engaging in the community and soon enough, the number of followers I had greatly increased and I was beginning to feel more comfortable in the community.

Let me tell you what leaving engaging comments on people’s posts do. It makes them feel a sense of worth, it makes them feel their post are loved and it makes steemit more like a social media platform to them than just a place where you write posts and get rewarded.

When you start engaging in comments, some of them would love to check out your blog once in a while and will also upvote some of the posts they feel they like on your blog, so with that, you get to make friends, get followers and still get the upvotes you want. More like killing three birds with one stone.

That’s the power of interaction o steemit.

About Making Quality Posts

Not this goes hand in hand with interaction on steeemit. If you really want to enjoy your time on steemit, then you have to give time to writing quality contents.

When you are a frequent commenter on a person’s post and he chooses to visit your blog and finds only shitty posts lying around, what do you think would happen? People have had whales follow them in steemit simply because they leave quality posts behind on their blogs even as they comment on the posts of others. I am a living witness to that fact.

When leaving posts, remember that plagiarised posts are not allowed on the platform as we have security eyes like cheetah and steemcleaners who would always be ready to flag your post for plagiarism. Those who might choose to visit your blogs might as well be whales and if they notice that you are a chronic plagiarist, they may choose to downvote the post or may choose to never visit you blog again. They could even choose to report you to steemcleeners so you have to very careful here. I am also speaking from experience here.

About Using The Right Tags

It may interest you to know that you could get flagged on steemit for tag abuse. A tag is said to be abused when you use if for a post it’s not meant for or when you use it frequently on irrelevant posts. People often do this because they think the tags would bring them huge upvotes, but that’s a very wrong notion. I have once been warned for using the #introduceyourself tag too often and I was doing that because I know we have people who are always willing to upvote posts made by newbies and I thought I would get away with it but was shocked when I was warned for doing so by a bot and was threatened to be flagged if I continued. So be careful folks.

Another tag you may not like to abuse is the #familyprotection tag, I have heard testimonies from people who go flagged by @canadian-coconut for abusing the tag.

When you make a post about love, endeavour to use tags relating to love. When you make a post about crime, endeavour to use tags relating to crime. We always have whales who get interested in these tags and would love to check it out once in a while and that day might just be your day to get a big upvote from them so never shy away from using the right tags. It would help you a lot on steemit.

About Impersonating Others On Steemit

I needed to talk about this because I have seen so many people impersonate whales on steemit thinking it would attract upvotes. This is one of the craziest thing I have seen around here and would like to address it at this point.

If you do this, you might want to stop immediately. Steemit is not against having multiple accounts but really frowns at people who use those accounts for the wrong reasons and one of them is impersonation.

Owk let’s look at this scenario. You impersonate a whale and he comes across your post or comment, what do you imagine he would do to you? Well, your guess is as good as mine. So stop!

And Finally On Investing

This is one thing I really don’t expect many newbies to understand. Probably because of the way they were brought into the community or the wrong orientation they had about steemit.

There is this slogan that have been going round which @lordjames talked about in one of his posts and said was a wrong message being passed around about steemit. The slogan says ”Blog, Post and Earn”. Comon, anyone you tell this would think steemit is a place where you come to make quick cash and run away. But steemit goes way beyond blogging and earning. Steemit gives room for investors also who are actually the back bone of the community.

For anyone who has been around for quite sometime here, they would understand that steemit has long term goals and that’s what we actually work with here. If you really want to succeed around here, then you have to think long term. As @tarazkp would always say, learn to power up some steem and learn not to power down. If your thought is that steemit would shut down someday, then you are totally wrong. Steemit is here to stay and there are absolutely no doubts about that.

These are a few right mindsets you might want to adopt around here if you really want to have a fun time around here. Do the wrong things and you would hate steemit. Many people have come and gone on steemit simply because they kept on doing the wrong things and ended up getting frustrated.

I once had a friend who was a chronic plagiarist. He was always getting away with it and was infact getting huge upvoted from plagiarising and one day his blog was reported and blacklisted by @steemcleaners and they started flagging all his plagiarised posts. He never learnt and never stopped. At a time, he became frustrated as he wasn’t getting anything from his post and was getting his huge upvotes wiped out. He stopped blogging and left steemit entirely till date.

Don’t let that be you…you can do better.



Happy Steeming

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