THANK YOU For 3000 Steemit Followers - Let's Celebrate! (Freestyle Video)

in steemit •  2 years ago 

I have just hit 3,000 Followers on Steemit - thank you!

Only 1 month after my 2,000 Follower Milestone and just 2 weeks away from my 1-year Steemit anniversary.

I appreciate every single one of you who follows along with my posts, reads them and leaves feedback.
Despite being on Steemit for 1 year, I still enjoy creating and sharing content with you very much.
The Steemit Community is so supportive, it's incredible!
I'm glad to have found this platform and I'm excited for the future of Steemit. I'm sure there are many awesome things to come!

It seems to have become a tradition on my Steemit Blog that I always dance when hitting a milestone.

So let's dance!

After my dance class today, I decided to have a little Freestyle session.
Although I teach mostly choreography in my classes, Freestyle is also a very important skill for any dancer.
The ability to simply move and improvise to the music is vital for dancers of any kind.

But this time, it wasn't only me - I incorporated my students in the Freestyle and we all just improvised together!

Improvising with other dancers steps up the challenge to another level because you have to react to whatever the others are doing, take care not to bump into them, and still listen closely to the music to move exactly in sync with it.
But of course, it's also more fun to groove and freestyle together! And my students were celebrating the milestone with me!

Take a look at these Freestyle Videos that we shot totally spontaneously!

Song: Troyboi - Afterhours

Song: Dua Lipa - New Rules

I hope you enjoyed this little freestyle session - which video was your favorite?

Thank you again to all of my readers and followers!

I appreciate all of your support! Thank you for making me reach this milestone.

3,000 Followers ☑️ - Now on to the next milestone!


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What a great accomplishment! 3000 followers in less then a year!

I have to practice my pop and lock. My old body can't move like that anymore lol...Great video mate!

Amazing milestone my friend :) Steemit is growing with us amongs it. Im happy to see people like you that are doing well on the platform. You give me inspiration to continue my doings here and strive to achieve.
Thank you and all the best friend :)

Congrats on the 3000. I hope I get there one of these days. I really like the freestyle. I love dancing I used to teach myself all the Janet Jackson Videos lol.
Keep it going amd you will dance among the stars


Thank you 🎉

Good job!

Congratulations on this great achievement! Cheers...

Three thousand passed take the course for 4 thousand! Congratulations!

Thank you! Yes, 4000 is next to conquer!

congratulations, than add me too, i will follow you and count now 3001

Congratulation on 3000 good work. Peace...
Wow super video, super dancing

Crongrats man - 3k is a worthy number. Keep it up!

@sirwinchester congratulation! I happy for you! all the best!

Holy cow, so many people seem to be hitting their 3k mark this week !!! congratulations dude!

congrats sirwinchester, you deserve it.

Congratulations!!! One day when I grow up I want to achieve it just like you :) hahaha feeling silly today....but seriously well done :)

Congratulations on this new milestones @sirwinchester ! Beautiful performance in the first video dear! Shame that i can't view the second one, there's an error message about author rights.


Was für ein Meilenstein, herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Wow.! You're the man.!.congratulations for your new achievement, your labour is not in vain! Keep it up!

Amazing Video
Congratulations bro <333

Thank you for welcoming me here on Steemit two months ago!)

Congratulations sir.

Damn!! That is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations and off to 4000 👍 Nice freestyle! I would look like a crippled person trying to do this lol

Hahaha, thank you so much! And yes, practice makes perfect!

Believe it or not, but I'm truly happy for you! 😊 💕

Wow, this is a number, congrats to all your achievements @sirwinchestser

Thank you Uwe 🙌 appreciate it


Cheers! You are one of my mentors here...

Awesome to hear that, thank you for your support!

Congratulations for that huge amount of people following. You know what i admire? your thumbnailskills, they are almost art:) Gl for the future

I remember when you joined and since then you became truly a valuable member of our community . Well deserved Tony! 🌸

Congrats! Great result

That's sick man! Congratulations

congratulations @sirwinchestrer very good

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Congratulations dear friend @sirwinchester for all the achievements you have achieved throughout this years of permanence in the platform and for your well deserved 3000 followers, you are a true example to continue to continue your success
I wish you a lovely day

Congrats! great post

You dance really well @sirwinchester! :) congrats on your milestone. Cheers to more success! :)

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Many congratulations. You have so many followers because we all appreciate the content of your post. It is a wonderful achievement but it attestation of your work. Upwards and upward to the next 1000.

I liked the first video but could not view the second.

Thank you very much, I'm glad to hear that!

Strange that you couldn't view the second video - is there an error message? Can everyone else view it?

I can't view the second video as well, some error with WMG content.


Any advice for all the new Steemions?

I've done and now you will have 3001. :)

Very impressive! Congratulations sir, love your blogs!