The Blockchain Animated Series Trailer # 2. "Grit" + Rick and Morty Save Steemit Animation Preview.

in steemit •  9 months ago

Whats up guys! Today I would like to bring you # 2 Trailer for the Animated Series I'm doing titled The Blockchain.

Preview One

Song: King of The Chain x Grit. ft Scorayzee and @ned
Produced by: @sirlunchthehost
Album: The Blockchain

Shout out to @fulltimegeek and everyone else who supports my content! Up vote and Resteem to keep the culture going!

Sorry for the grammar errors xD I'm tired!

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That's some good stuff again. Going to be an awesome series.

nice sounds homie - hope you're well!


I'm doing better, as always Im working too hard lol. How close is Nashville to you? I'm gona be in that area.

I love this idea! Hope I can see more from you.

Love the fact I see in there!

I love that you're doing an animated Steemit series!
I heard about this on the Steemit Ramble Discord server. :-D

This cartoon series is going to be epic. Hang in there brother! You are truly one of the top quintessential content creators on STEEM.