Question: Why Am I 'Returning' Votes???

in steemit •  14 days ago  (edited)

These last couple of days, it seems my account votes at 100% on posts published by people who have upvoted mine. I could use some help figuring out why this happens...

retunring votes.png

Chances are there's a simple explanation for this... but I have no idea what it could be.
As you can see in the screenshot above, my account has been automatically sending out 100% votes in return for an upvote on my post.

But that's not all...

unknown votes.jpg

As you can see, it also happens the other way around.

But maybe the weirdest part is that I do not know who these people are. I did not vote on these posts manually, nor do I have them set on autovote.
I only follow the @trufflepig curation trail, and neither of these posts have been upvoted by that account.

It wouldn't surprise me if I am missing something that's fairly easy to explain.
I would be very grateful if someone could shine a little light on this...

EDIT: Problem solved. It appears I once enrolled myself in the Steem-Bounty Vote Club and forgot all about it. Thanks, @bluemist!


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greetings, @simplymike

I miss you,. a lot!!!

Weird... I upvoted yours... but you're already set me up on your auto-vote, no chance for 100% 😂 I hope someone could explained about these too... is this related to steemmonsters? The account seems like bots

Not Steemmonsters related. No bots, for all I know...

Check your steem-bounty app settings

Thanks, @bluemist
I didn't even know (= I forgot) that I was a member of that Vote Club.
Must be I set it up months ago.
I wonder why I never noticed it before, though...

Looks like BEER bot was taking some time, still cheers anyways :)

I don't know what's going on with these bots. @misterengagement doesn't work either.
Looking into other options to reward comments....


Lol. Fortunately not.
Just a service I completely forgot about.
Disabled it, that should solve the issue.

That's a shame, I was really hoping it was magic....

Would have been nice, right?

That is a weird one indeed.

I have only manually curated so I haven’t seen any of this weirdness. With all the API changes (that knocked many services and dapps down) you can certainly imagine the hard fork could make them behave strangely.

Can you see if anyone else on that curation trail is having issues?

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Apparently, I had joined the Steem-Bounty Vote Club months ago, and forgot all about it.
That explains what happened.

Mystery solved!

And we would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you pesky kids!

Steem Mysteries.....

Circle jerk alert

Solved, fortunately

Hi, @simplymike!

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maybe you subscribed in a voting bot?

It appears I was listed in the Steem-Bounty Voting Club. Must have subscribed months ago and completely forgot about it, lol

Tell me you read my posts and I am not being auto voted. hahahahaha

Hi @simplymike,
It's pretty been long we bummed on each other. I guess that we've really been busy with work then. Your question to me looked kind of rhetorical but the answers is right here.

I'm concerned not in the answer though but would rather enjoy your creativity in writing. You may take it for a complement. But I really love the way you present your opinion or view via your post or comment. It's always interwoven with suspense which is on it's own the soul of art and writing.

Most time I just wish I could be a clone of you in my writing, yeah, at least for a day.