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In any market, big or small, locally or internationally, whether people are selling goods or services. There is only one big question; where are my CUSTOMERS. More precisely, customers with money.

Here we are, on Steemit platform. We have members all over the world. Every single member is a high potential customer.

So, the question is, how to transform every individual member into a customer?

The answer is, create a market on Steemit. A market that only accepts SBD, a marketplace like Ebay, Fiverr etc… So while people are earning SBD they can also use SBD directly.

  1. The idea of treating SBD as a currency, also reduce the cost/time of converting into world currency.

  2. If SBD is a direct currency, Steemitians can sell their skills and earn SBD. I believed all Steemitian have some kind of skills other than blogging.

  3. Those people in third world countries, who can’t afford to buy stuff internationally, well now they can, with SBD.

Simply speaking, I believed the idea of treating SBD as a currency is more realistic than any other cryptos.

Who knows, one day SBD might become a new world currency.
download (1).png

This idea is just a seed. It’s your job to expand it. Whoever you are, whatever skill or idea you have, all contributions big or small, let's together make a big impact for our Steemit community.


If you believe my idea is fantastic. Don’t forget to resteem.

If you can earn SBD through my idea, don’t forget to pay me some royalties, how about 0.0001%. :)

Good luck everyone.


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Wow thanks for unveiling this idea I believe and I know it would be a great idea to use SBD for transactions.


thanks for dropping by :)


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Wow this post is really impressive...


thanks mate :)