Daily Steem Price Update 24/2/2022

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Good day Steemian and welcome to today's Steem price update for 24/2/2022.
I have been posting the Steem price update since almost the very beginning of Steemit.com back in 2016 along with other content.
Many have came here to discuss the daily Steem price's and recent STEEM changes for over 5 years.

If you tire of addictively looking at the charts every few minutes then instead just relax and look here for the average STEEM price for your daily plan or strategy.
And even if you are not planning to do anything with your STEEM I still recommend checking out these updates every so often.
So without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price for 24/2/2022.

Should you be trading with STEEM today...?


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What better gift this month but to reach Super Dolphin, which means committing to holding around 30000 Steem Power and hopefully more in future. The bitcoin downwave helped me gather some extra Steem power, not much I admit but I predicted that the fall could happened. So I held on to some of those gained SBD's in hope of getting a better on those %50 deal on them later. It paid off as it got me to Super Dolphin however I regret that when BTC fell I should of turned some of the Steem I was transferring "to BTC first", waited for BTC to bounce back up again and then exchange it for STEEM once again. The Steem price didn't change much on the last round and so like this I could of gained a few more in the process. Still the lower prices $0.27 I believe provide a opportunity for those who want to get more involved with Steem. Which reminds me.. the Bittrex wallet for Steem remains "Inactive" the Bittrex exchange is important for the flow of Steem, plus I brought more Steem to transfer onto Steemit for Power. I can't continue to contribute as much to Steem and nor can others without it costing more on fees plus, even worse this move is locking up user funds stuck on their exchange. It simply says the wallet is "under maintenance" something I have seen happen before yes but not for this long, it specifically states that "Deposits and withdrawals are temporarily offline. Currency Maintenance". I believe the wallet as been under maintenance since Tue Dec 21 2021! If they are closing the wallet then surely provide us with the time and information to get our funds out. 🏆If your interested in winning another upvote from myself anybody who can find any updated useful information on the topic " include a source" from where the information was found, share it below in the comments section and you might just win a upvote from me "that is if your the first to comment with that particular info"🏆?. Perhaps @bittrex could let us know what is going on? As for the weather February started a little warmer, but scrap that as for most of the month it turned real cold again, we was then predicted to have 2 storms which happened. The first storm was on Friday followed by "storm 2" on Sunday, mostly very strong winds tearing many things down. Strangely it didn't bring much rain, we are now said to be getting yet another storm and actually today felt like it was already brewing along with more cold.. well at least the days are being brighter for longer. Today I was was in work for the afternoon swift which made a difference from last week doing all earlies and to make it even better I didn't have much to do this afternoon so still got out earlier than usual. Which was good as there was not much going on people were talking a lot about their discuss of a coming war and that the big boss man was in the other day. See as I pulled up I notice who I thought was the big boss man, the guy was sitting in he's car typing on he's phone with the window wide open. It was freezing that morning with still some winds from the storm so I'm not sure what he was thinking. When I got inside I mentioned to one of the girls that I think I saw the big boss man outside, to which she replied I best not tell the superior or she will have a fit. So naturally when I saw the superior I told her "I think the big boss man is outside" she started to panic and thought I was joking. Funnily moments later he walks in lol, she quickly told us to scatter and be busy. All this is always pretence and pathetic in my mind but hey what can you do, I spent most of my time avoiding the guy. Not that I actually think he's horrible to people but I just can't be asked with the complains from the superiors afterwards if god forbid I say something wrong! The guy was there for way longer than I expected but since most of the focus was on him I had a relatively chill day. One of the older women at work is to take over a superiors who left, but honestly I'm dumfounded as to why they decided to pick this woman because she's old enough to the point that frankly she's senile. This isn't her fault and I'm not saying this to be mean but this woman as already suffered a stroke due to not handling the stresses of the job, her health plus her age, it was unfortunately the stroke that has made her senile but I'm baffled as to why they think this is a good idea. Apparently due to the storms many places were shut for business, not us of course but even much of transport stopped running. I guess I was a little surprised by this news because near me everything just ran as normally despite the crazy winds, but did feel like anything out of this little area was shutting down. Had another silly training course to do last time which added a lot of stress, it takes 10 minutes they said but when you look at the course time it clearly states that "this training takes 25 mins" which actually normally means it takes a lot longer, more like 35 or even 40 mins just knowing how these stupid training sessions operate. I was shocked however that there were no stupid jobs to do still I have no doubts people are cheating on their paper work, and since the superiors are still putting it through it makes me wonder even more what is the point of it all. All the talk is of the coming war which really is something we don't need after all the covid nonsense there was news that all travel rules for covid would be scrapped by February, this was a lie, disappointing but they do claim another big date will come in March where all rules will be scrapped. As for the progress on fitness I lost about %70 of the weight gained by the lockdowns, I done this by tracking my step count per-day and doing small daily workouts. It began back in April 2021 and it continued until the beginning of October, this is when my work schedule began to revert back to normal which made it too difficult to continue. Due to my inconsistent shifts all over the place I still find it difficult to continue.


🏅 We reached "🐬🐬Super DOLPHIN🐬🐬" on February 2th which means our collective STEEM POWER is now over 💪30000 SP!! There are around 450 Super Dolphin accounts now which is less but expected and so I'm not sure if the number of Dolphin accounts grew since my journey from 25k to 30k. Still if the number of Dolphins is correct all these accounts together we hold around 13mil Steem, but I hope to continue on collecting and locking even more STEEM! My goal 🌍 is to now reach 35.000 SP🏆, hopefully by the end of June 2022. I want to thank everybody who does vote in and for their kind support, I have now been on here for over 5 years and never powered down✔️ not once!! 🚫 lik this protecting the Steem price. I also continue to invest into STEEM with small quantities using my own fiat currency✔️, your votes can help with this also. This essentially means that your votes are safe with me and help to retain STEEM's value, and since now being a "Top 200 Steem-Power Holder" it's beginning to count. Your votes and support may even help make it go higher in the future with plans for purchasing even more STEEM. Last year on November 7th we totalled 25.000, then on Feb 1th we reached 30.000! And so if you want to help me on this quest "locking away 35000 Steem Power" with the intention to support and retain more of it's value 👉 then please consider leaving your best vote below.


February 2022 Month Results For #club5050 !!


Always do your own due diligence the above is only a opinion.

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Our Ship Is Now Super Dolphin Powered 🏆

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Steem will go up

Steem will go up


Yo creo que el Steem estara fluctuando entre 1,20 Bolivares y 1,33 Bolivares en los proximos dias. Despues veremos. Los acontencimientos mundiales, me refiero a la guerra Rusia-Ucrania tal vez estara influenciando en este comportamiento. No estoy muy segura pero pienso que eso influira. Dios con nosotros. Feliz y bendecido dia.

Thanks for sharing your views, and I think your right there maybe some influence from this unfortunate war, from what I understand the price of gold is normally effected by war but now we have Bitcoin and I hear both sides of the argument that this could either make it's price go up or down.


Steem will go up

Steem will go down

Steem will go up.

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Steem will go down.

steem very much interested in investment.

Steem will go up

Steem will go down.

Steem will go up

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