Daily Steem Price Update 2/4/2022

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Good day Steemian and welcome to today's Steem price update for 2/4/2022.
I have been posting the Steem price update since almost the very beginning of Steemit.com back in 2016 along with other content.
Many have came here to discuss the daily Steem price's and recent STEEM changes for over 5 years.

If you tire of addictively looking at the charts every few minutes then instead just relax and look here for the average STEEM price for your daily plan or strategy.
And even if you are not planning to do anything with your STEEM I still recommend checking out these updates every so often.
So without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price for 2/4/2022.

Should you be trading with STEEM today...?


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Anybody else noticed Steemit was down for nearly 45 minutes on the 30th of March, this is why we missed posting on that day as it happened right at the moment I was trying to post. Does anybody know why Steem was down? If you happen to have a source to what happened post it in the comments along with the reason to possibly win a upvote "if your the first with that information". Still thank goodness it was back fast and the panic is over lol. We quickly moved into April which many continue to talk about the Will Smith and Chris Rock slap at the academies but yet it continues to be a sad moment in our history as Vladimir's army wasn't stalling anymore at the outskirts of the Ukraine. Now they are striking fear and sadness into the lives of many with their war.. a war that if we are not careful could spell what might just be the beginning of the end. The initial bitcoin downwave helped me gather some extra Steem power, it wasn't much as I traded in some SBD's carefully that I held back for a better return at a later date. This paid off and partly helped us getting to Super Dolphin but at the moment we simply don't get the level of support to try such things again, we try but it's not happening, regardless I'm still happy for every vote we get as we progress at a better pace than in previous years. With the rise recently I regret not having some more Bitcoin at hand to trade for Steem but this is always the way with such moves in the market. As for the weather April starts of very confused on whether its wants to snow or be sunny, let's hope it kicks out the cold as I'm tired of this cold weather. Today I in work for the late morning shift and with that I suspected I would probably doing my usual tasks which did finally happen after like a week. As I made my way in it was freezing and since I was doing my usual there is a good chance the heating would be on, well it sure was infact it was a little too hot but I didn't complain as I would rather be warm than in the cold. i didn't expect much to be going on at work as yesterday and this morning things seemed quiet but I was wrong there was alot going on. While I stayed busy I believe I left right on time before more work was about to come in, this is when I was joined by another guy just before I was leaving. He didn't waste any time complaining about how hot it was inside which I thought he wouldn't since it was so cold out. Well at least I thought it was cold out, I was shocked that when I left the weather was actually really pleasant and it was suddenly very busy out. Talked with one of the women from work who started telling me she's been wondering about the meaning of life. A interesting topic but I was just surprised as she's married and with still very young children, normally people at this stage don't question their meaning of life this is normally something that comes later. She also told me she wants to be alive to see the day when we are all driving flying cars. I told her she probably won't have to wait long because they basically already exist in a drone like manner. She also recommended that I watch a film called oxygen. We panicked the other day as we had an auditor come in, luckily she wasn't in to audit us but rather to ask the superiors how they were keeping on top of doing such a great job lately. Funnily that's the part the superiors will never tell their staff " yes you know the ones who are actually doing most of the work" instead staff all they get is how they aren't working hard enough. At least I wasn't angry this morning because of that idiot from across the road to me with the noisy car started it early this morning and kept it running for a total of 9 minutes when I was trying to sleep. If I wasn't so comfortable I wanted to go out there and knock some sense into him an to be honest I still don't understand how nobody as threaten him or smashed up he's car as I know I'm definitely not the only one who get's annoyed with it. Still after the rude awakening I guess the rest of the day was relatively relaxing. I noticed that the high reaching machine "like the ones they use to fix cables" which was parked outside our work building and had initially installed surveillance cameras somewhere is now gone. I'm honestly surprised that with the machine out there over night for a week that nobody had vandalised it or tried stealing any of it's parts. On my day off initially the plan was to go see my friend but they had already informed that they would be busy "but I had my doubts". This is because this particular friend as a habit of telling me they are busy but then at the last minute tell me they are free. Personally this get's annoying and I was right as my friend done just that, but I didn't meet with them as I had already made other plans for myself. The senile older lady who works there stepped up and as been making mistakes ever since, yet they want her to continue doing the job.. I thought the point of her steeping up "which I disagree with" was so that we didn't need to get in anyone new. But that's still happening as I witnessed the interviews but admit still even today nobody seems to have been hired. 🕊️ The pigeon saga all began when two pigeons flew inside our building and moments later were back out "they repeatedly done this over 2 weeks to the point that they called in a exterminator which I wasn't happy about. Luckily the pigeons where gone by the time they arrived, I'm convinced they are a couple looking to nest, the superiors are convinced the birds are still inside but from my own investigations I believe they are not and so hopefully this is how the story ends🕊️. Lots of talk about the coming war which really is something we don't need after all the covid nonsense, we should all be saying no to war including the armies. There was news that all travel rules for covid would be scrapped by February, this was a lie, disappointing but they claimed another big date would come in March and all rules would be scrapped, but this as been quiet since the war, however a friend of mine says it was scrapped on the 18th of March, I was sent some information about this which I need to look more into. Which reminds me the Bittrex wallet for Steem remains "Inactive" thanks to the few of you who sent in what you thought or found to be the cause but the problem continues it simply says the wallet is "Under Maintenance" and "Deposits and withdrawals are temporarily offline. Currency Maintenance". I believe the wallet as been under maintenance since Tue Dec 21 2021! 🏆If your interested in winning another upvote from myself anybody who can find any updated information on the topic " include a source" from where the information was found, share it below in the comments section and you might just win a upvote from me "that is if you are the first to comment with that particular information"🏆. Or perhaps @bittrex could let us know what is going on. As for the progress on fitness I lost about %70 of the weight gained by the lockdowns but paused in October due to my work schedule, I'm yet to continue on again in this journey.


🏅 We reached "🐬🐬Super DOLPHIN🐬🐬" on February 2th which means our collective STEEM POWER is now over 💪30000 SP!! There are around 450 Super Dolphin accounts now which is less but expected and so I'm not sure if the number of Dolphin accounts grew since my journey from 25k to 30k. Still if the number of Dolphins is correct all these accounts together we hold around 13mil Steem, but I hope to continue on collecting and locking even more STEEM! My goal 🌍 is to now reach 35.000 SP🏆, hopefully by the end of June 2022. I want to thank everybody who does vote in and for their kind support, I have now been on here for over 5 years and never powered down✔️ not once!! 🚫 lik this protecting the Steem price. I also continue to invest into STEEM with small quantities using my own fiat currency✔️, your votes can help with this also. This essentially means that your votes are safe with me and help to retain STEEM's value, and since now being a "Top 200 Steem-Power Holder" it's beginning to count. Your votes and support may even help make it go higher in the future with plans for purchasing even more STEEM. Last year on November 7th we totalled 25.000, then on Feb 1th we reached 30.000! And so if you want to help me on this quest "locking away 35000 Steem Power" with the intention to support and retain more of it's value 👉 then please consider leaving your best vote below.


March 2022 Month Results For #club5050 !!


Always do your own due diligence the above is only a opinion.

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