Daily Steem Price Update 13/4/2022

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Good day Steemian and welcome to today's Steem price update for 13/4/2022.
I have been posting the Steem price update since almost the very beginning of Steemit.com back in 2016 along with other content.
Many have came here to discuss the daily Steem price's and recent STEEM changes for over 5 years.

If you tire of addictively looking at the charts every few minutes then instead just relax and look here for the average STEEM price for your daily plan or strategy.
And even if you are not planning to do anything with your STEEM I still recommend checking out these updates every so often.
So without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price for 13/4/2022.

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We quickly moved to April in which many continue to talk about the Will Smith and Chris Rock slap which took place at the Oscars, did you see the guy who even got it tattooed..! But yet it continues to be a sad moment in our history as Vladimir's army wasn't stalling any longer at the outskirts of the Ukraine. They now strike fear and sadness into the lives of many with their continued war.. a war that if we are not too careful could just be what is the beginning of the end there is already talks of Finland being next. With the sudden change in price of Bitcoins dropping I might be able to gather a few extra Steems again, since we are not getting the same level of support it will be a lot less than the previous gains which were not much either but it all counts. As for the weather April is very confused as it wants to snow yet be sunny at the same time, while the snow seems to have been pushed back it was storms and sunny weather within about 20 mins apart, then it rained buckets along with hail for around 5 minutes when it suddenly stopped giving us brilliant sunshine again.. it's all strange lately. Today I was in work for the afternoon shift and as suspected doing my usual, as I came in and saw the same staff member from yesterdays late but in earlier today it's like she may have been there all night lol. I didn't have to be in for long and was left to it which was great plus I got out just as more work arrived. There's been a lot of talk about being more active on our own "in work" social media platform which honestly I hate as I believe that anytime out of work should be for us to enjoy NON-work related things and for people to re-energise. But no they keep pushing for being even more plugged into work 24/7. I just wanted to get out and speak to my friend, the reason for this is because I learnt the other night that one of my dad's best friends died. This was due to old age/ liver failure they said not only was he one of my dad's best friends but he was a friend to ALL our family, he went beyond what most friends would do for all of us. It hit me he was gone and with a few other things jumping in I felt a lot of pressure, talking to one of my best friends helped me a lot. I decided against seeing some other friends when I free because of some certain drama going about with this guy and he's girlfriend, she's gone travelling with another dude and meeting with even more strangers which he feels is risky behaviour, it's all kind of weird but as effected us all. I previously done the afternoon shift I expected to be doing my usual tasks which was the case but it also meant I would get the extra work come in. But by the time I got in it should of already arrived, but nope I guess it was just waiting on me to arrive.. typical.. When it did arrive it wasn't much, the problem however was that the guy who was suppose to help me was finishing much earlier than I expected plus I also had a call about how one of the staff made a mistake on one of our systems. Apparently I had to go fix it, this took longer than I thought and so because of these things I was put behind, yet still in the end with some efforts put in everything I needed to do was done before it's due time. I was a better day from when I had just missed the security guard drama, from what I can understand some woman was being horrible to one of our security guards as he came into work. This is because he wouldn't immediately help her put some things into the boot of her car?? "Yes you are reading that right" I mean how insane is that, can you imagine!? Not only that but this woman then came in and started swearing and shouting racist abuse at our guard, this was when the rest of security got her off the premises, it's just insane people are losing it. There had been incidents happening since the previous night, maybe it was the wind driving people mad or at least that was the conclusion from staff. I experienced it somewhat myself as I got a call from some guy who wanted to know something very specific, it was the kind of information we don't even take into consideration and is not on file, my goodness did he ever get rude to me and when I tried helping him with some other things he just aired me. Even more annoying we had a guy in to look at the alarm security infrastructure it was more like a pain because the alarm kept being triggered which is obviously very loud hurting your ears. And honestly the guy we had in made us feel like we knew more about the system than he did "as they are supposedly the experts". These guys who turn up are all alike, they normally spent more time on their phones not only talking to the guy at the other side asking for help as they seem to never have a clue on what they are doing, but if not them they chat to their friends about their life problems. This is obviously because the more time they spent supposedly "fixing" the problem the more they get paid. To make the situation even more ridiculous 2 other guys also turned up from the same company answering the call. The original guy knew the other 2 and so they just spent once again most of their time chatting and joking about rather then fixing the problem. Not sure if one of the superiors caught on to this but I think she said to them she couldn't be paying all of them for being there. This thankfully and quickly got the ones who arrived to leave as they realised they wont be get paid for doing nothing.. funny that. I also ended up spending a lot more time at work then I initially anticipated because one of our guys randomly called up about 2 minutes before I'm about to leave announcing he wont be in because he's got covid. Since this was such late notice and very unexpected I had to stay behind to do the extra work. Which I didn't mind too much as I wasn't too tired and will take the extra money. Later in the day we panicked as we had an auditor come in, luckily she wasn't in to audit us but rather to ask the superiors how they were keeping on top of doing such a great job lately. Funnily that's the part the superiors will never tell their staff " yes you know the ones who are actually doing most of the work" instead staff all they get is how they aren't working hard enough. At least no idiot from across the road to me made me angry this morning with he's noisy car which started early the other morning waking me up and kept it running for a total of 9 minutes. If I wasn't so comfortable I wanted to go out there and knock some sense into him an to be honest I still don't understand how nobody as threaten him or smashed up he's car because I know I'm definitely not the only one who get's annoyed with him. The senile older lady who stepped up as been making mistakes ever since yet they want her to continue doing the job, perhaps like this they got away without having to hire a new superiors as so far even today there doesn't seem to be anybody hired. There is talk about possible coming wars which really is something we don't need after all the covid nonsense, we should all be saying no to war including the armies. As for the travel rules it's funny how they have scrapped them for people entering the country but of course it seems most other countries are still holding on to some rules for entering theirs, I would of thought by now this would be over but when money is involved.. The Bittrex wallet for Steem remains "Inactive" apparently "Under Maintenance" and "Deposits and withdrawals are temporarily offline" it's "Currency Maintenance" they say but it's been offline since Tue Dec 21 2021! 🏆 Anybody who can find any updated information on the topic " include a source" from where the information was found, share it below in the comments section and you might just win 🏆 a upvote from me "that is if you are the first to comment with that particular information. As for the progress on fitness I lost about %70 of the weight gained by the lockdowns but paused in October due to my work schedule, I'm yet to continue on again on this journey.

As for Tron it's definitely not been forgotten, infact I've been very much pursuing on to being a Tron Dolphin. This began when we started receiving Tron on Steem and I started by learning some of it's basics and then looked into "Tron Stacking". Right now I'm doing a few votes with my frozen Tron and like this I noticed that I had successfully earned a little Tron. So will see if I can get hold of more Tron so I can upvote more and continue to increase my Tron earnings. But there seemed to have been yet again another problem to what I think as been for a few months now when it came to actually receiving my Tron earning from Steemit as they didn't seem to ever appear sent to my wallet. But I have been informed that a Steemit developer as learnt of the issue and believes the problem as now been fixed. Let's hope this is the case as I'm sure plenty of us have lost much TRX a long the way. Still it's apparent that Tron is widely used and so a great currency to have which is why I may even consider at one point using a little of my earned Steem to get a little more TRX.


🏅 We reached "🐬🐬Super DOLPHIN🐬🐬" on February 2th which means our collective STEEM POWER is now over 💪30000 SP!! There are around 450 Super Dolphin accounts now which is less but expected and so I'm not sure if the number of Dolphin accounts grew since my journey from 25k to 30k. Still if the number of Dolphins is correct all these accounts together we hold around 13mil Steem, but I hope to continue on collecting and locking even more STEEM! My goal 🌍 is to now reach 35.000 SP🏆, hopefully by the end of June 2022. I want to thank everybody who does vote in and for their kind support, I have now been on here for over 5 years and never powered down✔️ not once!! 🚫 lik this protecting the Steem price. I also continue to invest into STEEM with small quantities using my own fiat currency✔️, your votes can help with this also. This essentially means that your votes are safe with me and help to retain STEEM's value, and since now being a "Top 200 Steem-Power Holder" it's beginning to count. Your votes and support may even help make it go higher in the future with plans for purchasing even more STEEM. Last year on November 7th we totalled 25.000, then on Feb 1th we reached 30.000! And so if you want to help me on this quest "locking away 35000 Steem Power" with the intention to support and retain more of it's value 👉 then please consider leaving your best vote below.


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