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Good day Steemian and welcome to today's Steem price update for 11/8/2022.
I have been posting the Steem price update since almost the very beginning of Steemit.com back in 2016 along with other content.
Many have came here to discuss the daily Steem price's and recent STEEM changes for over 5 years.

If you tire of addictively looking at the charts every few minutes then instead just relax and look here for the average STEEM price for your daily plan or strategy.
And even if you are not planning to do anything with your STEEM I still recommend checking out these updates every so often.
So without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price for 11/8/2022.

Should you be trading with STEEM today...?


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Here we are the holidaying month of August its being another summer with decent weather, supposedly a happier time after the crippling covid pandemic but many can't agree because there is still a war going on. It's a terrible moment in our history as Vladimir's army doesn't stall at boarders, they instead strike fear, call treats and cast sadness into the lives of many with this war.. a war that if we are not too careful could just be what spells the beginning of the end, so best keep an eye on those politicians and refuse war at all costs. As for Steem after the previous fix on Steemit.com I don't think everything was fixed like sites like steemd.com and steemnow.com are not functional. Are these sites in the hands of the SteemitTeam? If anybody as any information on this let me know it the comments to win a upvote from me. Other issues are settled which is good as it's annoying to constantly see Hive working perfectly fine on many of these fronts with Steem on the other hand always being taken on and off. Why is this?❓ We need to know what we can do to keep such issues to a minimum as this makes Steem lose out on buyers and is a money loss for traders. At one point to get my Steem order completed they explained this couldn't happen until the problem with Steem's liquidity provider is fixed. I think this as something to do with Steem itself and not the exchange?❓ I can't remember and so if anybody can confirm and explain this in the comments below you could win a upvote from me. It would be useful if the Steemit Team could warn us of such events or keeps us informed on the situation in future or have someone appointed to give us feedback, as these problems can cause confusion or money loss for both investors and the general value of the Steem coin.

As for crypto Steem took a big fall because of the bitcoin downwave from 60k, this sadly means it also took down with it the value of SBD's. This was expected but it's still mostly holding around that important $3 mark which is great. Seeing all that cheap Steem out there up for grabs as been catching my attention and so I continue to look at it as another situation for opportunity because I'd say if your looking to get more Steem this might still just be the best time for doing so. And that's what I like about Steem it still offers so much opportunity for investors as with other coins you'd need a lot more cash. It will be interesting to see what happens next with BTC as it even fell below the 20k mark at one point, surely that was the bottom. In one way I hope this continues to stay on the lower end for a while longer before another bullrun as like this it could offer some opportunities in the future for the little crypto I invested. However it's definitely been going upwards lately but I still think I will probably delve some more earnings into this risky game with the little that I can afford. But the end intensions of this trading will be to get a bit more Steem. The weather in August is not as hot compared to July but at night its seems strangely more muggy then during the day, I thought it was just me who felt this way but other people I spoke with also seem to agree with me. July 31th was the last time it rained, that's if you count under 5 mins of light rain as it actually "raining". As for today I was in work for the morning shift but before I could even get to work my boss was already ringing me. I picked up and he told me I would need to work a few hours longer today. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but this is because I was still feeling tired from arriving so late from seeing friends and then going to sleep late. Another reason why I didn't feel great was because of that poorly made pizza from yesterday, I will definitely not be going back to get one from there. It was definitely going to be a long hot one today but luckily it was relatively calm with no extra work to get done for later. Towards the end I started to smell burning, initially I didn't think much of it because that's what it's been like the past few days. However as I continued to work the smell grew stronger even to the point it started to make me cough. I went to another floor to see if it was the same situation and it was but yet nobody seemed that bothered about it which honestly I feel like it was a health risk, even after arrive home I still feel like it's making me cough abit. There was the continued discussions of the events when apparently some homeless man who was off he's medication walked into our site and started to be very abusive to staff, not sure if he actually attacked anybody but police were called in to get him out. Later I overheard staff talking about how they feel unsafe at work, for me if they are seriously "only now" thinking about their safety then they are slower than the credit I give them for as honestly it's been unsafe for years. I might be wrong but from what I could tell they even had extra security today which I think its a great idea but this will most likely be temporarily but it shouldn't be.

For the previous morning shift it was one of the only times ever that I raced to get into work " well apart from running late" and no, it's not because I couldn't wait to start work.. But instead because I saw a colleague in the distance and the past few mornings I got there just seconds before she did, so as we saw each other we quickly picked up the pace to see who could get there first lol. She was already ahead of me so so it was likely she would of won which she did. I was very tired and didn't have the energy needed for all the things I would need to prepare for in the first couple hours. However I was in luck as we actually had in extra staff but I'm not sure if this was because my boss was in as he's been giving himself extra staff on the sly, or if they actually decided we simply needed extra staff. The staff mentioned that there were now at least 2 new staff arrivals I saw one of them and at first he reminded me of the guy who robbed me as they both had the same hair style. One of the superiors gave me a little voucher as a "thank you" for my work, I honestly rarely get these as I guess I'm just old news now even if I do something good, maybe they just gave it to me this time to be fair to all staff lol. Most staff however seem to love getting these little rewards, I personally find them pointless as they are practically worthless and you usually need to still spend more to actually buy anything with them. I have often seen people being handed these rewards for sometimes the most ridiculous reasons which then makes me question why didn't myself "or others" get rewarded after doing the exact same thing many times over? It's not that I'd actually want them it's just it doesn't make sense or seem fair to all on how they are rewarded.

Returning from work I had some idiot in the neighbourhood laser me in the eyes along with other neighbours, friends told me laser pens don't usually hurt so they think it might of been something else. The laser couldn't be from a pen as it was too large and also coming from too far of a distance. It wouldn't surprise me if someone in the neighbourhood brought a gun and was fooling around with it. Hopefully someone can find where it's coming from and complain but I doubt anyone will as just the other night I firstly heard some screaming followed by shouting outside. This is very typical so it get's mostly ignored but I looked out and saw like 3 teens just being loud idiots. Moments later it got a little nosier and I thought nothing much of it, later I looked out again and next thing I know there are 50 teens outside the house! It looked insane shocking to see and frightening, luckily from what I could see they made a lot of noise but not much else, they were out there for around 40 minutes. To which I'm shocked or "not" that nobody called the police to move them on. The only explanation I can think for all these people suddenly outside a residential area is that they were kicked out of an illegal rave somewhere and were just hanging around. It was late and this made it difficult to sleep they seriously have no respect still at least there were no incidents that I could see. I also spent some time trying to fix a fan from a neighbour who said if I can get it to work I can keep it. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work and dismantled the whole thing to throw it away.

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