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RE: I blogged on Steemit for a week and on Medium for 40 days - here are the results

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You're artwork is great! It's a shame people can't eat art or yours would be flying off the shelves. I love the girl with the red veins... and the light bulb with fish. My Steemit articles aren't doing very well. Any pointers would be appreciated.


Thank you a lot for your comment!

There are a few methods I used when writing articles that I think helped me get that amount of money:

  1. Be ready to write a 1000 words article and spend two hours working on it, or more, even tho you're not sure you'll even get more than $0.20 from it. If you keep doing that, you will, eventually, make money.

  2. Learn one thing really well. I tried programming in the past, but I don't know it very well, so I don't talk about it. I know things about content creation, life, and how to work better. I talk about that most of the time. You need to have something you know very well, and share what you know with people.

  3. Maybe the most important advice anyone could give you about content creation - always focus more on quality than quantity. A person with 5 really good articles is always more valuable than a person with 50 mediocre articles. If you always focus on quality, not quantity, you'll get more rewards.

Thank you very much for your comment and keep posting on Steemit, you never know when one of your articles will do great, and it's hard to even describe how that feels, to wake up one morning and see one of your articles made you $50 or more :)

Best of luck!

Thank you so much for your lengthy reply! That would be amazing to find out I made something. : )) 5 great articles... That gives me something to consider. : ))