Book of Lies, or... Truths of a Sociopath, or... The Rewriting of History (ala Karl Rove),... or her legal defense for treason.

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A blame game of everyone but herself.

Was it was an inside DNC leak, not a Russia hack... the truth that Clinton stole the nomination from Sanders. Trashed the constitution. And the result was Trump

Neocons lost ! The wall street war machine lost ! mean the same warbankers since WW1 and WWII and every war since...

PROOF: Obama was a more than Bush.

RESULT: fake news and fake news about fake news, Russia, Trump hysteria as distraction of a nation, protest by leftist-fascist controlled by media and paid by Soros.

Read the truth about the Clintons as part of the Bush neocon dynasty of war and bankers and oil...
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