The Gospel Of Blockchain Assets

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When trying to explain Steemit to others, I often encounter a reoccurring question -
“Where does the money come from”?
When you really think about it, most of us should be compelled to ask such a question, since most of us are accustomed to thinking in “old world” monetary terms of the FIAT economy.

Zero Sum Games & The Fiat Universe

In the Fiat universe, generally speaking, if you got paid for something, it had to come out of somebody’s pocket.
Somebody had to pay.
Hence, If we exclude the monopoly certain entities have on “money creation”, we can think about the Fiat economy as somewhat of a zero sum game.

In the cryptocurrency universe, new technology enables and facilitates the creation of economic micro-verses, in which trade-able and fungible cryptocurrencies and digital tokens which can "communicate" with the blockchain, are seemingly created out of thin air.
That is what Steemit really is in my opinion.
Before being a community, before being a social network, Steemit is a subversive and disruptive economic micro-verse. A dissident.
Theses economic micro-verses are emerging all around us in many shapes and forms, at an seemingly ever expanding rate.

Non-Zero-Sum Games & The Cryptocurrency Universe

In my humble opinion, here lies one of the greatest novelties of blockchain assets and the cryptocurrency revolution - the ability to quantify, in monetary terms, any form of activity or ability, in a “non-zero-sum” fashion.

In the Steemit micro-verse for example, this ability is obviously content creation, but it just as-well may be anything.
The revenue from each post does not directly come from anyone's pocket, Rather, It is "generated" by code.
In other words, no one has to lose his Dollar bill, in order for you to gain yours.

Has such an opportunity ever existed before? I think not.


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