Warning: There's A New Scam To Steal Your Steemit Account

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Dear Steemers,

A new scam is making the rounds. It is important that you know this. And it is important that you protect your account from it.

So if you are receiving a private message from anyone delegating Steem Power to your account, avoid at all costs. You will also be asked to enter your password or wallet key into a form.

It's a fake form designed to steal your account.

Never. Fill. It.

And if you do? You lose your Steemit account. Your funds. And your sleep.

This Is A Clever Scam

Because our scammer, blinded by greed, is impersonating someone. In my case, the scammer signed up with the username of a whale.

He used @michael-b as his username. And Michael is powerful.


But Michael is not on Steemit.chat or Discord, opening the doors to scam wide open.

Then, after signing up on Steemit Chat, he sent me a message to delegate a portion of his Steem Power to my account. He knows I am Indian. Perhaps he saw my profile.


At this point, in between conversation, I was trying to verify if he is the real Michael. Because, quite honestly, I couldn't ask him.

Then he drops that link.

And that link points to a website with a form:


No one has delegated me Steem Power before. So I didn't know if this form was real or fake. Yet something surely didn't seem right.

So I messaged @rahul.stan and @acidyo to double-check. And Acidyo quickly replies:


So when I knew anyone can delegate power through Busy / client, I decided to message Michael back... only to find him gone.

I couldn't message him anymore. And I thought he blocked me.

Then comes another account.

And this one is skillfully named delegate-support.


Delegate-support was waiting for me to fill those details. He says he didn't block me. He, in fact, deleted his account. All this already screamed scam to me.

Yet I played along.

It looked like he is very close to Ned (CEO of Steemit). 😂


Then he deleted his account again.

When, in reality, it was @Pfunk who did it.

Acidyo messaged him these accounts and Pfunk immediately disabled them.


I wasn't the only target. In fact, our scammer messaged a bunch of us. I took the lead to inform them.


For now, he has been silenced. Not forever. Maybe there are a bunch of them out there. And these bunch are pulling such dirty tricks on other good users.

So it's important to educate and inform everyone. Your Steemit account is important to you. And I request everyone of you to be extra-careful when it comes to sharing your password or wallet keys with anyone.

Or any website.



Account @michael-b belongs to Steemit Inc developer Michael. He wasn't the one messaging us. Thanks to @Donkeypong for investigating this.


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Greetings Sidwrites! To be able to receive the 2k SP from my OCD project I'm going to need you to visit https://thisisdefinitelynotascamtrustmei'madoctor.net/phdinrocketscience and fill in your name, address and date of birth followed by your private key and the year you think/hope you might lose your virginity. Don't ask why, don't even give it a second thought or ask anyone if this is legit, just don't do it, I'll know if you do. Also please change your shirt, its almost making me puke while I'm riding this cow watching you through binoculars while you keep watching a compilation of Sarahrie's covers.

Epic one 😁😁


I can't stop laughing 😂😂

LOL! the most epic comment on steemit!

Most epic comment on sid's post, this should be on his profile forever.


Sounds legit

Some people are brand new to steemit and cc..

Comment of the century LOL

Scams, scams everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

Really appreciate the share. So unfortunate when people play on other's desires to succeed.


Ah! The rhyme! Its my favourite poem!

Thanks for this! I feel we will always need to be reminding people to think about security first. Great work!

HOly cow! This is scary! Thanks for the update.

wow. Unbelievable how scammers figure this out, and try to rip people off. Well done for being alert. And job good for warning other people. I'm resteeeming this so others know. Thanks

Thank you @sidwrites for the heads up!
every where on the world have bad people like to kidding another.

Thanks a thousand times for this precious piece of information everyone should be aware of. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

More simply do not enter your WIF anywhere unless it's Steemit.com or Steemconnect.com

Bingo! Good call.

Thanks for letting us know about this! I've been phished out of $20 before on the Darknet, but that was my mistake. But now that I think about it.. my $20 back then in BTC probably is like $40 today :P SCREW all the fucking scammers that try that shit. I've been paranoid about my Steemit account since day 1!

Thanks for the heads up! Do not EVER enter sensitive information from a complete stranger on an unsecure form dropped in a chat message. Ever . . .

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