A Frank Apology — Sorry, I am NEVER Leaving Steemit Again!

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Dear Steemers,

Few of you know I disappeared. Just. Like. That.

And I am sorry for that.

I wish to explain everything to you in a moment.

For now, I have a confession to make:

Some of you know me as a blogger. And you think I am smart. Perhaps funny. And maybe even the coolest Indian dude on Steemit...

But the truth is?

I am a fool. A freakin' idiot. And a total jerk!

And to make it worse?

I am smiling — shamelessly — as I type this.

I feel evil.

And it is all because of you.

Your presence.



Support. Concern. And your love.

And I ignored it all.

For the last 30 days, I walked out of Steemit and moved into a whole new universe.

In this new universe I found situations.

These situations further evolved into problems draining me both physically and mentally.

They surrounded me from all angles.

At first, I stood and watched them evolve.

And when I was left with no options?

When things went worse?

I stood against them. And then I fought them.


It's true that bad things happen in our life.

Every love story ends in tragedy...

Part of having good things is that they do come to an end.

Yet my aim was always this:

To move forward in life.

And to move through any crap as quickly as possible is truly a better option... than sitting there and wondering how life has fucked us.

Moving forward was and is always my goal.

In the past 30 days, despite meeting my dad for the fourth time in 15 years, while closely watching how people fuck up... despite ending my client-service relationship...

Despite being driven emotionally by someone I truly care about...

Painfully halting my personal projects...

Not investing my time to Steeming...

There were truly bigger and better things happening in the background...

First, I have got a fantastic place to work from. This is a workspace where all the entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups with a lot of really cool people gather and work on building their businesses...

To be surrounded by them is a delight.

Each and every day I connect with people passionate about work...

People who want to change their own lives...

And impact a portion of this world with all their heart and soul.

It is a rare sight to witness in today's world. And I am grateful to get my own personal space here, with a goal to build a solid team to take my tiny business to the next level.

In this collaborative co-working space, there are three plans available.

First, you can select a space that lets you sit anywhere. It is a Hot Desk - so you keep moving from sofas to chairs to private phone booths.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.59.04 PM.png

This is just the first floor. There are six floors in total. It's a massive place as you can guess.

And the second plan is a Dedicated Desk - it lets you sit in a dedicated place with your own chair and a cabinet for locking your stuff.

Private Desk is your last plan - with a private sound-proof room just for yourself.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.34.56 PM.png

I took a Dedicated Desk, working with others in a closed room, and it's pretty fun.

Yet I can sit anywhere. Like here:

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.33.11 PM.png

Or move to this place in two minutes:

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.31.54 PM.png

Or install myself here:

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.31.29 PM.png

The setting here is clearly different. And I am not used to it.

It took me a couple of weeks to get adjusted to it.

Because working from home — for over three years — I could wear any clothes, eat anytime, and sleep anytime.

Here, though, is a world full of people. And they are constantly trying to learn more about you - understand where you are coming from - and what are your challenges.

Such interaction also unlocks creativity.

I am constantly watching people - seeing their hidden motives - and what really drives them to do what they are doing.

There is a reason why I booked this place. It has to do with a certain goal that I wish to achieve. And it is something I will share with you very soon.

Speaking of sharing with you, I promise to do one thing from today:


If I Steem everyday...

I will collectively be working at least 10 hours a day.

I will take that for the next 30 days as a challenge.

Because, true to my heart, not a day goes by without thinking about Steemit.

It has just been two months...

Yet I was sooo addicted...

That I always see some of your usernames flashing before my eyes...

And I realised how I missed the thrill of opening Steemit every hour...

That thrill of reading — upvoting — commenting...

All this is so much fun, isn't it?

Then as I saw all the private messages — on Discord and Steemit.chat — I giggled a little more.

I was not only missed for which I am forever grateful...

But a portion of you...

A tiny evil portion of you...

Declared That I Am DEAD!

I think it's hilarious!

Because you guys made me question my existence.

Which is why going forward I am doing what I love the most...

For the third time I promise to post everyday.

My plan is to contribute every morning. Perhaps sit down from 9 am till 1 pm and publish one article a day.

You know that sounds quite possible.

I am going to share my realizations. Experiences. Victories. Defeats. And losses.

And I will do it all selflessly...

That's all this post is about. It is about this average dude from India apologising to you for his disappearing act. Some of you get it. And some of you don't...

Yet the message is loud and clear...

I AM BACK and I am here to stay with you all!


PS: I am forever grateful for all the love and messages I have received from all of you. I know I haven't had the chance to respond to your messages and I am sorry for that.

Moving forward, I wish to engage and contribute and connect with all of you further.


Ah so you are alive... @looftee was telling everyone that I killed you 😂
I was beginning to wonder if you really were dead 😂
Welcome back

Awesome office @andreanoronha ( @sidwrites )......hahahahahahha, but it's not ethical to use someone's account if he is dead....hahahhaa

haahahaha, I am sorry, don't kill me too.

oh i will find you and kill you :O

Dude!! First, welcome back. People in Discord and steemit chat missed you.
Its unfortunate that you had to go through the rough phases of life: but, that's life.
We learn.
Now that you have taken the challenge, gotta see an article everyday.
Will catch up in chat window.

Quitting is not an option. Nice write up.

Welcome back Sid, I missed you!)

Welcome back!!! You reminded me of befunky in one of your posts and next thing I see is you have not blogged in a month! And I am like for a person like you who is so well on Steemit ,,why! Either ways welcome back and pull us up!hah
Steem Signature - Copy.jpg

I remember you from somewhere, you seem familiar in a way.....do I know you?

Welcome back bro, and your 30 day challenge.

I am Groot! :D

Hahaha...ofcourse you are😂

I am Groot! :(


Translation: Please Flag this post if you had a smile on your face when you saw my comment.
I don't comment for the same user more than once. I don't intend to spam. :(

And maybe even the coolest Indian dude on Steemit...

What fool told you that?😉

Welcome mate. You have been missed.


welcome back dude, nice to know all is good.
You put a lot of conspiracy theories to rest :D, and the office space is way too cool...

Sorry to hear you've had a rough time, @sidwrites! But often stuff happens for us, rather than to us - even though we can quite see it at first, when we're still in the midst of everything.
It looks like it has catapulted you into a new phase of creativity, though, and we can all benefit from it during the next 30 days (and hopefully beyond :))

That co-working space looks awesome! I'm in a similar one in Berlin myself, but yours looks even more fancy :)

Good luck with your new challenge!

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