1 Month Later, Here's What I Think About Steemit [+ Aha Moments]

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Dear Steemers,

Before I share these aha moments, you know I was born here one month and one week ago. And if you know me, you know my goal was simple:


And today I am incredibly grateful to connect with 500 of you. It happened last week. And you know, its been unbelievably quick.

One month. 500 of you.

Hand to heart, I am blown away!

I couldn't share this wonderful news with you as I was down with fever. And found myself catching a brutal eye infection.

But now that I am feeling good, I appreciate your support. And truly, from the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank each and everyone of YOU for connecting, engaging, and investing your valuable time here...


And even though we get busy, can't keep up with our feed, and secretly wish time moved slower, I truly find comfort in knowing YOU are here.

That you are opening Steemit. That you are writing. Reading. And even engaging.

Which is why I am convinced:


Not the kind of sick I was.

This is a different sick. One that makes you feel special, enough to joyfully raise your fist, or perhaps jump on your bed, and even tightly hug a tree when no one is around.

And let me tell you:

That kind of sick is wonderful.


Take these stats from one of my blog:


So for 1875 posts (articles), there are 10,759 comments. On an average, that's 5.7 comments per article. (Moderated comments are mostly spam).

It took TIME.

And blood and sweat to write so many articles.

Years to build relationship.

Here are the stats of my Steemit:


On an average, that's 22.2 comments per article.

That's 4x more comments. And it took less than a month.

Plus very little time investment in comparison to blogging.

And connections I have made here would literally take years elsewhere.

So what does it mean?


But with Steemit?

You get jaw-dropping engagement served hot...

And delivered right to you as you click POST.

You are no longer hungry for engagements.

Like everyone else.

And you know, I can show you some of my failed blogs that are doing very poorly. Blogs of my friends receiving little to no attention even after months of slogging...

Then I can walk you around those social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Or drive you to Linkedin.

And sit down with you to compare the numbers.

The result?

None of them comes close to Steemit.

None. Of. them.

And to me, these are some head-shaking results.

Because if you ask me, all this in just a month...

Is pretty crazy... which is why:

Steemit Rocks!

Because I have also realized Steemit is a community-driven platform. With close to 200,000 users, this platform is truly cementing its position on the web.

In this journey, I have made some terrible mistakes and discovered many hidden gems. These mistakes are for another post.

The gems, however, are revealed here.

They are my aha moments. Moments that made me think. That made me decide. And that made my life a little more easier. So I can easily move forward.

Want to know more? Here's my first aha moment:


When I joined here?

I saw users lifting articles from popular websites and publishing it here.

I saw plagiarism.

Then I saw rewriters.


And so on.

Yet I quickly learned to focus on the good side. I quickly learned to find my sweet spot. And it was @kevinwong's logical thinking that moved me in this direction:

The idea is simple: You are either a worker, or an active, or a passive investor.


When you are thinking this way, your focus is shifted. You are moving away from the bad...

And towards the good.

You are looking to invest your time and attention wisely. Everything else? You will be rejecting. It changed the way I saw Steemit.

Plus, as I identified myself this way, I got more done because now I know my sweet spot...

Now... I know my purpose.

And once this purpose was defined, I moved onto the next phase.


Activity is the key.

For example: As a worker, I have to be actively involved. Not just in publishing but also commenting.

You can see my current stats:


On an average, I am posting 50 comments every day. You can calculate yours.

But I must shamelessly confess:

I am not publishing new articles regularly.

Blame my health. Blame my other commitments. Or blame me. I never realized I was posting less until I discussed with @Pharesim.

In his words:

Crank out a post a day to get more visibility.

This is very important because by not publishing regularly, I am really limiting YOUR choices. You don't get to pick the topic of your interest, isn't it?

So writing everyday is yet another activity worth performing. Yet another activity to receive more presence here.

Not everyone can do it.

But if possible? It's the best way to move forward.

Bonus tip: If you are not publishing because your rewards were low, hear what @Justtryme90 told me weeks ago when I was new here:

Stop having expectations. Your posts will never be guaranteed to earn, nobodies are, just do the best you can.

I read this 3 times. Forgot rewards. And poured my heart and soul into writing. Did it work for me? Look into my profile and you be the judge.


When I told you the best time to Steemit is now, I asked some of the top Steemers the key to successful Steeming. And it all boils down to:

  1. Consistency
  2. Patience

This is a long-term game.

And those focusing on instant rewards leave the fastest. So I am sticking around here accepting patience as my new best friend.

Credit goes to @firepower - @Sauravrungta - @acidyo - @steemitqa for repeating this simple fact. They are long-time members here and perhaps have seen all the ups and downs...

Yet never left.

Note: Hardfork 19 is coming next week. It's a change in software that restructures your voting power. Each vote will be 4 times more valuable.

And it will be interesting to observe. Your patience will be tested.

What to do? Steemit or life, this always works:

Growth is coming soon and we need to adapt. - @Donkeypong

So there you have it:

After one month, why I feel Steemit rocks, with my aha moments which is...

To stick to my purpose.

To actively engage.

To be patient.

And like me, when you gently wrap all these together in a silver foil and throw in an empty room you can easily walk into...

Steeming gets way easier.

And a lot more fun!

Perhaps even you can comment your thoughts...

Share how you feel about Steemit?

What do you think?

What has changed?

Maybe you have a few aha moments to share?

Eager to hear from you. Let's connect in the comment section below!



now that's a 'sick' blog, straight from the heart :) great going sid, now get well soon!

Jason, thank you for your continuous support!

You are the one silently pushing me to produce quality stuff.


Thank you so much for this article! It has really helped me in developing my approach towards the best way to make use of Steemit. I was kind of at a loss when I first joined (only 2 days ago lol), I didn't have any connections with anyone, so I felt like the elephant in the room. I didn't want to just post meaningless things for the sake of posting but at the same time I wanted to find my angle, from which I could genuinely bring something to the table. I guess, I still don't know what that is but your article has given me some sort pf outline, so, thank you again!

probably one of the best posts I have read recently - brilliant writing, great messages i agree with - also interesting to see @kevinwong comment on the classes of Steemit Users - i have a similar between:

1 - Investor
2 - Content Creator
3 - Engager

Following you now!

Probably one of the best posts I have read recently - brilliant writing, great messages i agree

You know hearing this means so much to me! Took me 10+ hours to write + format + create images. My every post takes more effort and when I see read what you just said...

Again and again...

Makes me feel incredibly good.


Truly appreciate it. And I am so glad to connect with you.

Followed you right back! :)

1 - Investor 2 - Content Creator 3 - Engager

I dig it.

I guess #2 and #3 is what I am. Or should be...

Very well said, I always enjoy reading your posts!

damn sid we came here both in the same month...your numbers are awesome! i thought you were here way longer.

So far with steemit im loving it though, my results have been extremely good. We got a lot of growing to do here still...but this platform is nothing short of amazing.

Hehe! Yeah! I am enjoying here.

We are going together. It's not the numbers but connections, isn't it? :)

All the best dude! With you! <3

I couldn't share this wonderful news with you as I was down with fever. And found myself catching a brutal eye infection.

I think you just need to remember blinking when sitting in front of Steemit Sid, that'll do it ;)

You really have done quite well here and I'm proud I've gotten to know you. :thumbsup:

I think you just need to remember blinking when sitting in front of Steemit Sid, that'll do it ;)

Let's keep this a SECRET between you and I. :P

It's TRUE!

I Steemed hardcore. Damn. And I did it only after finding a gem like you!

You are a great guy!

Thank you so much man, I'm confident we'll both go far here =)

good post.upvoted.follow back


Thank you so much. Followed you right there.

Truly appreciate your comment.

Pleasure to have crossed paths with you.
Steemspeak baby!

Oh yes, Jonny. Always a pleasure.

Thank you so much!

congrats!!! good post.

I saw your video! I loved it. Thank you for your consistent support.

Keep Steeming bro!

Thanks for checking out my vids too. Cheers!!!!!

Great article I just wish I was on steemit earlier

Thank you! Appreciate your comment.

I wish it too.

But now is better than never, isn't it? :)

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