Lets grow in Steemit with Discord

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I started using Steemit around 1 months ago. It was not easy for me to earn on Steemit.

I am making video to help new Steemian who are new to Steemit.

I am making new group on Discord to help each other. You just have to join this group and help others by giving group member an up vote. We all have to help each other to grow fast.

The link to join group is given below. Please join as many as you can it will help all not only one.


Thank you......

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You have been defended with a 15.74% upvote!
I was summoned by @shyamydv.

This is a great initiative that you took. Today I was thinking about writing a blog about making some friends in discord.Then suddenly I came across your video.I might take a look at your group.

Thank You @philipkavan

Excellent video friend, thanks for all your tips!

Please join this group to get help and also to help others and grow together @saracampero

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