Thankyou Steemit

in steemit •  2 years ago

Steemit has helped me through some pretty bad times and for that I just want to say thankyou. I'm not a fan of greed, but money can really buy you the time and energy you need to flip your life around and become a productive person again. I'm talking about small things such as being able to purchase milk or bread because of a poem or article posted on this. That really makes a world of difference, and to sit there thinking that some steemers I don't know personally, basically helped me purchase food in my time of need - that fills my heart. You are too kind. Thankyou.

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Haha! Your profile pic goes with the post!

very well said, positive vibes are needed!

there are indeed some very caring people on Steemit. It's nice to see their praises being sung.

we tend to forget that some Steem might be nothing for some while being the world for others.