Steemit: Where you get paid for likes!

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I sometimes call Steemit [email protected]

Because here you get paid for likes!

Curation and Comments are like “likes” on FaceBook

You can make money on both “upvotes” where you get a share of the 25% curation reward and “comments” where you get the author reward or 75% of the comments total reward. I will explain this below.

Curation: all posts have a reward listed next to them and 75% of it goes to the author, while everyone who upvotes the post gets to share in 25% of the reward in proportion to your voting power, which in the beginning might not be much.

Comment Awards
When you write a comment you now are the author! So irregardless of your voting power, you get 75% of reward on your comment on a post. This reward may be greater then your curation reward! So one way to make more money is to make a comment related to the post and even better ask a question and engage the author. Even posts with high rewards sometimes have few comments. Everyone wants a piece of the post reward so they upvote, but in general there are many more upvotes then comments.
(There are exceptions as some authors have a very engaged following with lots of comments or some posts are contests with hundreds of comments which are entries, but for regular posts in general there are few comments.)
Now while a comment isn’t a guarantee of an upvote, many authors do upvote comments and it’s free money. Plus comments represent engagement and create the opportunity for you to show people what your writing style is, how you think, etc…

Comments create attention for your blog also
Please realize that a good comment will attract not just the attention of the original post author, but also other people who read an article frequently glance down at the comments and sometimes upvote them.

These people may also check out the comment author’s blog. This is free money and free advertising, except it’s better than free advertising because you can get paid.

PLEASE don’t actually use this section to advertise your posts, as that is a “Steemit No No”, but comment about the post. That stimulates engagement, which leads to people following you and people upvoting you.

Upvotes plus Comment
I think that you should always upvote anyway because it’s free money, no matter how small it is. I suggest that you upvote and get what you can from curation, but comment because that’s where big money is for the small fish in the Steemit ocean: plankton, minnows and to some degree dolphins.

Human Interaction
Remember human interaction is the heart of Steemit. Once you start interacting with people you will notice that their upvotes get more generous and hopefully so do yours. They also start reading your blog and commenting. This is called engagement and is a central part of the platform.

Check out the numbers
The proof of the effectiveness of a strategy is in the earnings. Learn how to look up your earnings on Look up your curation rewards on Steemworld and compare them to your comment or author rewards.

Remember don’t stop upvoting, because that still earns you money. But get a second income by leaving comments for those comment rewards.

The arrow which lops around is the Resteem button and it basically places the article on your blog page in a list of your articles, but it is clear that someone else wrote it. This is a good thing for you and the author. The author gets more exposure as now all your followers get to read his blog and possibly upvote it. This action increases the post reward amount and since you get to compete for part of the post reward this is good for you too, as it increases your curation reward when your followers upvote this post. So I call this a WIN-WIN. The author wins and you win. Plus people appreciate it when you Resteem their article, tell them you resteemed it also when you comment on their post because they are more likely to upvote your comment! This is engagement, and engagement is at the heart of social media and Steemit.

I hope this helps.



wow, just knowing this for the first time and I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for the info.

I am glad I could help and I hope you come back for more upvotes and content.

yeah, sure.

Good post although to many it is a lot of investing but still zero. There are plenty of good posts without 1 single comment or upvote. And if you have nothing/are limited there is less to share.

Will share this

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I understand what your saying. It can be very hard to get started on Steemit, get recognized, get feedback on your writing and of course earn some Steem. I would like to be a resource to help Steemians learn to fish.

I have written several posts on making Steem on Steem using Dustsweeper, Steem Basic Income, Commenting and also discussed some of the Pros and Cons of Bots. I am trying to share the things that earned me Steem and attracted followers and upvotes. I will review and repost some of these posts soon.

Thank you for this! Givinf it a try and just reposted it

Hi @shortsegments this is thoroughly derailed post about comments and upvotes. Appreciate your efforts share the knowledge and aware the community. Thanks much for the post.

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Thank you for your kind words, I am trying to provide useful information.

Thanks for the information, it is useful to know especially for beginners. I remember how I couldn’t understand how Steemit works

Thank you for your kind words

I won't link - but my latest post addresses some fundamental flaws to the system ...

Ones that could, potentially, stop steem ever growing to it's full potential ( that I think it has.)..

I will read your post.

This was a very digestible and logical dissection of the shituation @lucylin

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Thank you , sir!

first we just spent time and energy on facebook without being paid, with steemit time we feel valued here, steemit is indeed extraordinary

Yes friend you are right about steem

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human interaction is the heart of Steem Blockchain

I agree.

Until someone gets triggered and then it becomes the anus of steem laying hot sturds all over and every which way.. 🙃

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Thanks sir for sharing nice blog.

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Your welcome.

yes, we are paid with income from upvote, I think the first social media steemit is very friendly with everyone, let alone having an advantage in paying

Great post! Great information! Re-streamed. Thanks @shortsegments for taking the time to give some really great detail on why we like Steemit.

This is a really good guide for steemit newbies. Upvoted and Resteemed!

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Thank you for your kind words.

All points are absolutely right totally agree with this .

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I am glad. Thanks

This is a great simple post to share great knowledge and ways to get started here. It has been the fundamental way I have grown as well! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for your kind words, I am trying to provide useful information.

I vote a lot, I comment very regularly. Yet the votes and comments on my articles do not increase. I write useful articles against crypto scams that no one reads. Fortunately I'm expecting nothing in return.
but it's not a problem, I do it by passion and love of good crypto.

I think Steemit has to do a lot of awareness campaign this platform offers better reward compared to facebook where you get nothing. Very nice and educative post.


You're welcome.

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Exactly, you just said it all. They really need to create awareness for people to get to know this platform. I can't imagine wasting my precious time in social media and enriching them without getting a cent.

Thats true but steemit the best social media in the world thanks @shortsegments

I agrer

Hi there!

Really great article! It concise, informative and I actually learned something very useful -- when you comment you earn author awards as well! I had no idea. It's definitely a great tip -- I've been commenting assuming it was part of the curation award.

I started following you and look forward to more useful info in the future -- thanks again!

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