Steemit: My Tips for earning Steem right away on the platform

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Steemit: My Tips for earning Steem right away on the platform!

Recently I wrote a review article about two articles which gave information which would help you to be successful on Steemit. But after reading them I wanted to gicve you some more more specific information. So I would like to share several specific things I feel you need to understand about Steemit, which will definite help you earn money on Steemit.

Part 1: Essentials

Minimum reward level payout.
There is a minimum amount of either author or curation reward that a post or comment must earn for you to get paid. I didn’t know this when I started and wondered why my smallest rewards didn’t show up in my wallet after seven days. If your rewards earned are less then 0.020 you don’t get paid. Those rewards are called “dust”. That’s frustrating because that reward of 0.019 might be your first author reward, but it doesn’t get paid to you. Sadly all you need is 0.001 more to get paid. Fortunately there is a solution called “dustsweeper” and I explain it below.

The 15 minute rule.
After an author submits a post a timer starts and the closer you are to the time of posting the less curation reward you get, but the closer you are to 15 minutes after the author submits the post the more of the curation reward you get. So upvoting early can result in zero rewards for you, while upvoting at 15 minutes will give you the maximum curation reward. At 15 minutes the author gets 75% and the curators divide up 25% of the post reward.

Comment Rewards

You get paid a reward when someone upvotes you. In proportion to their voting power. But did you know you can upvote replies and pay the people who support you with upvotes? Many don’t know this and they miss out on a way to both give and get rewards. Sometimes if you read the comments below a post you may see six replies between the author and a follower or supporter. Each of those replies can have a reward and as long as it’s above the “dust” threshold of 0.02, they get paid.

Resteem Posts.
You can “resteem” someone’s post, which means to send it electronically to the feed of everyone following you. This means it will also be listed on your blog. This is a way of showing the post to more people. This has two effects: (1) It potentially increases the rewards for the author and (2) It can potentially increase the curation reward for you. It’s a win-win situation where both of you potentially benefit.


Part 3. Three Quick Ways to make some money.

Get paid for dust!
The first thing you have to do when you first start as an individual or a community is stop losing dust rewards. When you write a post you get author rewards and when you comment on a post you get curation rewards. When you first start these rewards are divided into two different reward pools and they will be small. The most important thing to realize is if either of those pools total rewards are less then 0.02 dollars, you don’t get paid. Steemit rules call all rewards for a post or comment which total less then 0.02 “dust rewards”. You don’t get paid these “dust rewards” they just disappear. This means that new members write posts, earn some rewards, but get paid nothing. BUT There is a Solution!!

You get rid of dust rewards with a program called “dust sweeper”. “Dust sweeper” is a bot; A bot is an automatic computer program which performs a function or carries out a transaction. If you pay the “Dustsweeper” fee, the “dust sweeper” ”bot” checks each of your post author rewards, your curation rewards and your comment rewards on day # 6 and if any are less then 0.02 and it upvotes them enough to get paid. This eliminates the “dust rewards”. So now you get paid a little for each post you write or comment you make. And l think these small payments mean a lot when your new.

How does it work?
You pay 1 SBD and the bot uses your money to upvote your posts at the dust reward level until it’s almost gone, then it messages you in your wallet to pay some more. You might be thinking your just getting your own money back, but that’s not the whole story. The upvote is added onto the existing upvote rewards which are less then 0.02. So you get your money plus the upvotes. Which is a net gain every time.
Follow this link to sign up✍️

Steemit Basic Income
The second thing I suggest you do is give the gift called “Steemit Basic Income”. You give this gift by paying a fee and buying one “share” of this program and the program makes sure that one or more posts per week get upvoted a certain amount. The amount of the upvote depends on how many posts you write. The great thing about this program is that when you buy a “share” for someone else you automatically get a “share” also. You can also give two “shares” instead of getting a “share” yourself. This is a good way for community members to bond to each other or for leaders and founding members to make sure new members get paid.
Follow this link to sign up✍️

Buy upvotes from “Upvote bots”.
You can pay other people in Steemit to upvote your post. All of us have ten 100% voting power votes a day, which is ten maximum reward votes. If you accumulate enough Steem to Power up your Steem Power to about 100, your upvotes are worth money. Some people give their votes freely, other sell their votes. These people advertise on their Steemit profile that they sell votes and it is their choice. They usually make it profitable for you to buy their upvotes by selling you a 0.04 STU upvote for 0.02 SBD or Steem.
Some sell a 1.0 SBD upvote for 0.5 Steem. Remember, there are thieves on Steemit, who take your money and give nothing in return. I suggest you deal with vote sellers who have a high reputation score and that you ask people who use vote sellers who they are using, so you know they are honest. Caution is important.

The second way to pay for upvotes is by using the bots listed on Steembottracker “bots”. A bot is an automatic computer program which performs a function or carries out a transaction. There are “bots” referred to as upvoting “bots” which you pay for and they upvote your post by a certain amount. This is similar to paying a person, but it has important differences, which can make you lose money or not profit from the “bot”, so read the instructions and rules carefully.

There is a website called “Steemvoter” which lists all the bots and the “bidding process” by which you pay to make money. It also tells you if the bot is profitable. This can be very profitable, if your return on the Bot is higher then 25% which is the amount going to curators. The Bots have information on ROI for the current round and last round. So that’s a brief list of quick ideas which I used to make money when I started in April.
I hope it helps, please feel free to write me with questions.


Keep Posting!



I liked your other article it was motivational, but I appreciated this article for its differences. This on was focused on the practical.

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Thank you, what topic did you find most useful?

Great. We are constantly learning.

Thank you for reading my blog and I appreciate the positive comments.

Nice article mate for beginers :)

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Thank you.
What did you think was the best or most valuable suggestion?

Comment section by far the most undervalued thing that people miss on Steemit.
Making awesome comments daily can make nice rewards that stack up over time.
Not to mention you get better exposure and a following from other people.

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This is a very good point.
I will highlight this more in the future.
Thank you

No problem, followed and resteemed.

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Work a regular job and buy Steem seems easier right now. lol

I agree that with the price of Steem being lower then it has been for a long time it’s a good time to buy, but I try to post every day to earn it also.

hey... it is very useful article as 'm newbie here.. thank you dude for this article.

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Your welcome. What topic did you find most valuable?

Very useful tips about curation and author rewards. You work to educate the community and for that hats off to you dear @shortsegments

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Than you for this tips, I think it will be useful for newbies! But I think you can add some words about such services like @minnowbooster and @tipu. Also in my opinion maybe it would be useful to tell about Steemauto, steemengine and some other services.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will do articles on those topics.

All above new guidelines is gold fpr new commer . Specially i like that dust sweeper content it is teally good for new commer might i knkw this when i was a new joined a steemit.

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Thank you fir your feedback. I also think “dustsweeper” is a particularly valuable program for Newbies. It puts Steem in your wallet which you would otherwise lose and has an excellent ROI.

Just signed up, and randomly found this post. Wonderful, thank you so much. Still trying to figure all of this out, will come in time I guess.

I was very confused and I did not know the correct information. I thought that by giving away the award I would get a lot of benefit. But today my doubts disappeared and there were many doubts in my mind, the solution would be today.
I have searched YouTube for many times but I did not get a satisfactory answer from there. I am resteem this post, so that people from my life can also take advantage of it

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Thank you for your comments. I am very happy that this information was helpful to you. And thank you fir resteeming the post.

Useful tips good post.

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Thank you. Did any of the topics seem more valuable then other topics?

Ofcourse yes, why not most valuable topic mostly I am seeing in your post.

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I learned a couple things thanks man

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Thank you!!! material to study, I've already saved ...

Thank you so much for explaining this. It may say ive been here a while but I am still learning.

I wish I had this guide when I first started. Thank you for sharing.