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Hi, I know you mean well.. But posts like these are prone to get downvoted. most people (me included) look down on begging. if you want upvotes:

  • First: make/write new something by yourself!! if you don't know anything? Learn to make something... and prove to us that you made the effort.

  • Second: Don't ask for upvotes (and don't spam others too). but interact with other people.. comment on their posts and add value to them (comments like "good post" isn't enough... you have to say what you liked) and never upvote your own comments on other people posts.

  • Third: search for ways to increase your visibility. like talking to people on some channels there allows you to ask for votes (some channels, don't ask for votes unless you know it's accepted).

well, that's what I have to say right now.... Remember: Be Original.

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