Back to Steemit after a short spring break :)

in steemit •  6 months ago

❤ ❤ ❤ Hello Dear Steemit Friends! ❤ ❤ ❤

After a short spring break I'm coming back to you with some new ideas and spirit, guys.

There's some new cool vibe in the air :)

Steemit m.jpg

Here you can see me pondering melodramatically on the future of the world ON HOLIDAY

I've missed you!

I've been enjoying time spent on Steemit very very much. I'd say it's a life-changing experience and I would love to see more people joining us here to meet new friends and thrive :)

Thank you so much for your continuing support. You've been great help and inspiration to me!

BTW, we soon have Mother's Day here in Poland ❤ It's on 26th of May. I will give my Mom a present. Do you celebrate Mother's Day on May 26th? I'm curious if this is an International holiday. Please let me know :)



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Welcome back!


Thank you dear, I missed you! Are you going to post anytime soon here on Steemit, Marina? All the best <3


I want to post but real life pressing little hard and take all free time. My parents came to help with lids and we reorganizing space for them , packing non essentials and taken it to the attic + some gardening etc. I did not post much on my YouTube Channel. Glad to see you creating posts!

Waiting for some great new work @shinyforest :) Missed you here girl :)


Thank you dear @jungwatercolor <3 I'm going straight to your blog to see all your recent posts <3

Good to have you back! And with a cool photo <3
I am currently trying to finish a knitted lace shirt I will gift my mother tomorrow...but I am so sloooowwwww


Hello Simone! Thank you :) I'm glad to be back :) Gonna visit your blog in a sec :)

Welcome back shiny!
I hope you enjoyed your spring break? But I'm glad you're now back on Steemit :D.

I don't celebrate Mother's Day, but I guess I could always give my mom a present. She deserves it after all her hard work of raising me ^^.



Hi Scrawly! Yeah, my spring break was quite enjoyable and energizing :) Can't wait to see your recent posts, dear! Gonna visit your blog right away :)

We do here in the USA and it is this Sunday. We will be celebrating with my MIL as my own mother is sadly passed.

I love in the UK they call it Mothering Sunday, it just sounds more lovely. I think there is is always there it is always three weeks before Easter day. That still has Christian roots, ours in the USA is more rooted in commerce and trade, which is no surprise :)

Glad you are back.


Thank you so much @donnadavisart for your kind words :) Ah, in Poland it's getting more and more commercialized too :)

aaaah klaudia! i missed this entry :(

WELCOME BACK! i missed you too !!

mother's day already passed here in aussie, but im terrible with gifts so i usually just take my mom out to nice dinner or something like that :>

btw, you look super awesome in that photo ! i love your outfits and your hat and your large bag :D :D :D