I Enjoy Steemit Life and Take a Biggest Decision(New profitable bot going open)

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Hi steemitian,
steemit is a good blog site it's known most of people.I already over about 37 days in steemit.I enjoy steemit very much.I hope I will get biggest profit from it and you can also.

I think every steemitian help me for my improvment.I mention @steem @booster @minnowbooster @tipu @busy.app @esteem.app @hr1 and all of my steemitian friend please help me and advice me for improve me on steemit.

I take a decision for opening a bot . If everybody help me i will easily open it.
For helping me :
send STEEM to @shihab1997
send SBD to @shihab1997
delegation SP to @shihab1997

How you profit by investing and helping me :

If you invest to @shihab1997 i will be easily open my bot and started work.As a result I earn more. About 85 % of my daily profit i will separate to all of my investor.Another 15 % of my profit go to improvement this bot and another fee and making plane.Last 0.00 % profit for me.I need only bot improvement so I will not receive any profit from it.

How much you earn from this bot :

This bot is new started bot so now it give you so much offer first time.Normally,you will earn around 1 SBD for 1000 SP daily.You will receive your payment dailly.

Investment :


Minimum SBD investment for this bot 0.011$ SBD


Minimum STEEM investment for this bot 0.011$ STEEM

SP :

Minimum SP Delegation for this bot 1.00 SP

How to invest :


Send XXX.XXX amount with memo "invest" to @shihab1997 .(XXX.XXX is SBD amount how much you want to invest)


Send XXX.XXX amount with memo "invest" to @shihab1997 .(XXX.XXX is STEEM amount how much you want to invest)

SP :

1SP | 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP | 1000SP | 10000SP | custom amount

I hope everybody invest in this bot."Many little can makes a big think".

If you have any question you can ask me in comment i will reply you as soon as possible.

Now @shihab1997 going to rising his fund and @shihab1997 will be published his bot name and working plane details as soon as.

Offer :

First 10 investor will get 3 free upvote (total 30 upvote) and 1st 3 times (payment+bonus).(Note : minimum investment 500 STEEM/SP or more)
next 20 investor will get 2 free upvote(total 40 vote) and and 1 time (payment+bonus).(Note : minimum investment 100 STEEM/SP or more )
and,last another 30 investor will get 1 free upvote(total 30 vote) and 1 time (payment+bonus 25%).(Note : minimum investment 50 STEEM/SP or more)

Note : For a limited time offer.

Thanks to steemit and busy and all of steemitian.For getting more information follow me @shihab1997 and don't forget to upvote and resteem this post.



You got a 5.21% upvote from @sleeplesswhale courtesy of @shihab1997!

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