Underrated Beauty In The Philippines That few People visited...

in steemit •  2 years ago

A I have research as one of the remote places in the Philippines I am stumbled of this one of the underrated beauty that only few people visited. As Lost Leblanc discover it while he was travelling to the Philippines. There's no hotel or local tourists visited this place. There's a small community that only fishermen only lives there. It is untouch beauty of a nature. Please look at the picture below.

Credit to the owner of this video: Lost Leblanc

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Thank you for sharing this, following you... ^_^


follow you too. thanks to you

Excellent brother, what a beauty a trip like that


thanks crisjecamo...it's my pleasure


This places are very beautiful !!


thank you for the compliment.


ya it is beautiful. hope for some more good travel post from you. :)

What a beautiful picture, what kind of camera are you using?

V beautiful, folloing you. U can check my stuff out too.

Great pictures! I'm following you!

stunning , can't wait to explore more..

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Thank you I'm still learning and I will follow what you advice next time...

Beautiful! I would love to visit there someday :)

Mesmerizing. By the way, I'm Filipino as well. :D


It's good to see you here.I'm also a filipino but I am now living in Myanmar.

wow. its good place


thank you Iklab2013

I will surely visit this part of palawan! Thanks for sharing.


thank you diabolika for reading this short article.It's our pleasure.

Thanks for sharing the Nacpan video. Palawan is definitely worth a visit especially if it has a windy season since I love to kiteboard :)


Wow, that's wonderful I will visit there next year. follow you