Steemit Recruitment - Easy Way To Get Friends/Acquantainces To Sign Up

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I got this idea from @shayne to get the word out there in a simple-to-understand fashion. Here's his post:

Unfortunately, I NEVER post on Facebook, so I think their algorithms killed the visibility of my post, but I still had a little success:

Jordan Rusche   I ve all but abandoned Facebook for

If you've abandoned Facebook, I highly recommend you tell your friends the same thing. Let's make Steemit even more viral than it already is!

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It usually takes 3 or 4 mentions, from different sources before we bother to learn about something new.
You might be the first, but plant the seed and they'll thank you later.

I would have the same problem, Facebook account collecting dust since a while :D
If we can make signups to steemit smoother I'll get my Facebook friends over here. However, Facebook and steemit still have a slightly different approach. So they cannot really substitute each other. Don't you think?

It's definitely not a substitute, but I hate Facebook, and Steemit takes up the lions share of my time spent on social media. However, with all the applications being built on the Steem blockchain, it won't be long before there are very viable substitutes. is going to be a close substitute to Facebook.

Way cool, didn't know yet. And YES, I really love all the apps around this blockchain.

This is a great idea! I just wrote my first post today about trying to tell my coworkers about Steem and how they shot it down so fast. Just throwing Steemit out there for others to learn on their own might be a better approach.

Thanks for letting me know about your post, I went to check it out. I voted from my account and was able to get you a couple other votes as well. I know how tough it is to get votes when starting out.

Thanks so much! I appreciate the help while I am just starting out, going to try and make sure I have a post every day or two just to get my content and ideas out there and see what people are interested in. Learning as I go of course.

i have been on steemit a few days, i have done a few posts ,but my first story was, was rudolph valentino poisoned,it hasn't made much though 00.17cents its the same with my other posts, i could do with some help.some help would be appreciated ,i have followed you.

I'd support your posts if I saw more effort going into them. I'd recommend putting out fewer posts, and spending more time on each one.

thanks for your reply,most people share videos from you tube and they do well ,what do you suggest i do .did you read my valentino or mabye you think it wasn't good enough,or too short.

yes a lot of people don't know who valentino was, but i did mention poison in my you really think people prefer stories rather than videos.

I used to get on Twitter, but now I prefer Steemit! Can't wait for @zappl to come out!

Been working on it-- this is excellent!

Currently writing a more in-depth post here that explains the Steemit world in more detail.

I posted a screenshot of my account balance; got one of out 91 friends to sign up (he has an entire archive of TV shows he can share)

@josephd and I were discussing this earlier; there is a lot of inertia in people leaving their established networks...but once we recruit enough people, we will get a preference cascade

It is very difficult, a lot of people think that is impossible receive money for posting in a social network. The will come here in a few years. Is difficult but no impossible.

Even WhatsApping friends is a great idea.

A lot of my friends use it.

So I added a link and told them to sign up! :)

Right on!!! :)

Yes.. lets do it.

I can remember some time ago
-when was the most used social network in the Netherlands-
everybody changed their profile picture to these:

Nearly everybody changed the profile picture and moved to Facebook.

Changing your profile picture on Facebook has a lot of impact!
Profile picture changes have high visibility in people's timelines.

I'm still not going to move. I use Facebook a lot to meet people.
Couldn't live without it, first the whole parkour community has to move somewhere else. Planning trainings and jams is just too easy on Facebook.
(the timeline is shit)

BYE! :)