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RE: How reputation scores are calculated - the details explained with simple math

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Great info, I have been looking for this! I will be linking to this article in the Official Steemit FAQ.

If possible, could you do another post showing examples of how a person's score would be affected in particular scenarios? For example​:
If someone with X amount of Steem Power and X reputation score likes my post, how much will my reputation score increase?

Also, based on the math you lay out in this post, I think I had some misinformation in my rough draft that I linked. I said:

It uses a log10 scale, meaning:
A score of 30 is 10x better than a score of 20
40 is 10x better than 30
50 is 10x better than 40, and so on

If that is, in fact, wrong, can you tell me what would make it correct?


I think that's correct. Dan said roughly the same thing in his post that I link at the bottom of my article, and I'm sure he knows better than me.

very interesting calculation! thank you for this! A bit frustrated how you got that amount of vote, life is really unfair! tsktsk

A proper log10 scale would mean a score of 41 was 10x a score of 40... I think this means it's not a true log10 scale. Just a ((log10)/10) scale... if that makes sense?

Thank you @digitalnotvir
Your post help me alot
I'm new in steem.
Hope I will progress in this platform

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