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in steemit •  2 years ago

Spam that gives me the spasms

Over the last few days I've stopped browsing Steemit during the US regular hours, yes there's lots of traffic then, but the amount of spam is just too great. I've found that browsing and posting during the Eurupean midday is quite nice, because even the new section is quite peaceful. You can actually read many of them without a single refresh sending everything 20 lines down.


This is not really a solution for the spam situation, it's gotten very chaotic. Steemit really needs some more harsh temporary punishments for scummy content. Maybe limit the times people with under 35 rep can post daily, perhaps some cooldowns on comments/posts which are made smaller by upvotes? Make the reported accounts unable to comment before the 1-2 minute mark after a post is made.

I know I'm just rambling but something must be done, I've seen lots of good content getting 1-2 views. Some clickbait shit gets about the same but with no effort.

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I like spam when it's in can. But on steemit... i hate it.