How a minnow can win the struggle through whale alley.

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I've been dreaming for a whale.

Whales are great and benevolent creatures, there is no doubt in that. The glorious way in which they take content and shoot it up to the surface with their oxygen gushes can make any minnow and dolphin blush. There is one dream that all steemians share, the dream of becoming a whale one day. What a dream! The self-loathing we endure every day because we missed joining Steemit a few months earlier is eating us alive! You can only tell yourself that you'll become a whale one day only for so long! It's just a pipe dream...


A whale's contentment

It's not all sour however! For I have one message to preach to all the minnows, a message so important that it will fill your blogs with inspiration and great content! I have found that it is in no way good to be a whale. Not good at all! A whale already has it all, he has a steady income, he has the constant attention, the whale is already content with what he has. We minnows have something the whale can never have! We have absolutely fuck-all! And this fuck-all is what makes us human, it is what drives us forward and fills us with purpose. The struggle is what gives our lives meaning, we must stop at nothing to improve!


The real you.

So today I ask everyone to blog their hearts out, no matter how many views or upvotes you may get! Blog till' you bleed, lay down your seed. Leave all your opinions on the canvas, don't try to go along with the flow. Disrupt the flow, blow up the stream! Be radical, be YOU...

Keep Steemin'

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