Use The Comment Feature, Show Some Love

in steemit •  2 years ago

I read this post by @steevc and thought I would add to it.

The general idea is that we, as users of this growing blockchain-community experiment, should be commenting as often as we can on posts that we like, to show the content creators that we follow how much we appreciate them.

And I couldn't agree more!

good thinking

Further, I would include that I have tried to make it a habit to always leave a comment on any post that I upvote. Even if it's just a single sentence, I think it's a worthwhile thing to get in the habit of doing.

Not only is it good for the organic growth of the community, it will also have the benefit of attracting new users to your page, and if you're a regular content creator, you'll build followers this way, which in turn will earn you more upvotes on your own posts on average.

In other words: comment because it's good for the community, because it shows appreciation, and because you'll get more followers which = more money!

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It's the 'social' part of social media.


Yeah, without it there'd just be "media", and nobody likes that.

Hello, I read and enjoyed your post. I can't promise I will always comment, but I sure do enjoy comments as well. :)


I wouldn't expect you to promise, but how about an ethereum contract for if you don't comment "X" number of times per day? ;)

You are right. Commenting on posts is a good way to build relationships by adding to the post. I will be doing more of commenting as I keep upvoting. Thanks for the tip @shayne.


You're welcome! :D

I agree!


Great! Comment onward.

Well said.


Thanks. Good comment.

Cheers. I try to comment on lots of posts each day. I'm here for conversation as well as a little money. It has to be fun. Commenting may even make you something and it definitely helps to build your following.


For sure. The potential for networking on an engagement-incentive platform is massive. I mean... we get rewarded for doing these things lol




Make a post about using comments

Post gets a bunch of comments


I am in agreement. Builds community and friendships. : ) re steemed


Awesome! Thanks :D


You are welcome.Steem on bro.

I agree it is a good habit to comment on each post we enjoy. However, sometimes I simply have no words to say, besides "good post" which is really unoriginal and plain.


Sometimes that's good enough.

Yeah I agree.


Oh, thanks. I appreciate the comment. :D

COMMENT! - Very Powerful Stuff!


And reply to comment! Also powerful!


Indeed it is!