Steemit Tips: How To Get Popular - Comment And Respond!

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Hey there, you!

@shayne here once again.


Here's something I've been seeing this a LOT:

"Hi! I'm a Steemit n00b. Tell me: how do I become popular on Steemit/how do I get followers/how do I attract the attention of whales?

So... I'm going to give you the "secret hack" that will guarantee you followers, upvotes, and popularity...

How to gain followers and be popular!

This is really simple.


And comment authentically.

Here is the 6 Point Plan

  1. Go to the "hot" tab.
  2. Find posts that are interesting to you.
  3. READ IT
  4. Upvote it
  5. Leave a relevant comment
  6. underpants-gnomes-elect-donald-trump-profit.jpg

I'm not even kidding.

Do that and you will gain followers like you wouldn't believe.

Don't even bother making blog posts for your first week.

Just upvote and comment.

Try to make your comments as beneficial, edifying, helpful, and optimistic as possible, and you will find your follower numbers growing like crazy.

When you have a good and authentic following, you'll find that all of your posts get a good number of upvotes, and you'll earn a pretty nice income per post compared to if you post 10 times a day and pray that one of them trends.


Troll the #introduceyourself tag

New people are looking for friends.

At least they should be.

So check out all of the #introduceyourself or #introduction posts. Find new people. Leave a comment that shows that you actually read their post (aka: say something about them), and your follower numbers will shoot to the moon.

You'll also gain a lot of interesting friends.


Don't beg for people to follow you in the comments.

The best you'll get is a following of people who are only interested in their own follow numbers and won't even see or upvote your posts; the worst you'll get is flagged for spam and/or muted by whales who would otherwise help you out.

So DO NOT post anything that looks even remotely like this:

Wow! Great post. I followed you, follow me back.

Do NOT do this.

It shows that you didn't read the post you're replying to. It shows that you're not interested in building authentic relationships. It shows that you're trying to abuse the system for your own selfish benefit.

If you care about Steemit, Steemit will care about you

It's as simple as that.

If you post on this platform like a human being, and treat others like human beings, you will be rewarded.

You will become popular.

You will get upvoted and resteemed.

All your dreams will come true.


Any questions?

Feel free to ask.

I'm pretty friendly and I try to reply to every comment.

Follow me @shayne


Got like x2 followers in 3 days of engaging on other people's posts. I should have done that from the start but didn't actually understand how Steem and Steemit were working. This posts pretty much sumps up everything I'd say now. The best advice is to leave RELEVANT and not "follow me i follow you" comments. It's also quite educative on many basis, I learned some weird but positive stuff I couldn't imagine it really exsists, so much diversity here it blows your mind. Thanks for this post, I bet it will improve the comments section discussions and bind us more on this exciting crypto endevour. Upvoted!

Very true. In the attempt to gain followers, you'll actually have the added bonus of learning new things and making friends. Steemit is pretty brilliant that way. :D

Very well said @shayne. This is the best guidance for anyone who is trying to gain relevant following. As you correctly pointed out there is no use of building pointless relationships using the follow comments. This is especially true for Steemit because here the community is very strong in terms of filtering out weeds :)

Indeed. The Steemit platform rewards you for being authentic. It seems to be a great natural filtering system.

Great tips for a newbie like me, @shayne

I just posted my introducemyself blog last night and I have yet to learn the ropes here at steemit. A great deal of time is really required considering the all reading I need to do! 😅

Good luck!

Great guide especially to starters like me. I've just started this week and still have to understand all of steemit's features. Thanks!

You're welcome! This is probably one of the most useful tips I've discovered on steemit :D

Understood, God bless you 🙏

Advice and good info my friend, I will try to follow your suggestion. You are now more popular @shayne

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