Thank you to everyone that helped me !!

in steemit •  3 years ago 

The other day whether it was me or gremlins or what ever, i got locked out of my account , it was all weird , it all started when i was trying to mine Steem , and whether in the process i changed my keys or password or something i just couldnt get in , I Tried all my keys , account recovery everything , but i put Issue up on Github , and tonight i tried what was suggested to me , even thought i had tried it a dozen times and WHAM it worked so if i missed something or something thank you guys for your advice and obviously pointing me in a direction i had missed a step in or something , I love #steemit and was actually getting upset that i lost my account , but the powers that be guided me somehow to be able to get back in !!

Note to self: Dont mess with the mining even if the guide says its for dummies!! Your obviously dumber than a dummy!! lol

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Nice... :)


Thanks so happy to be back in !!