STEEMIT love the new internal market layout!! This place is getting better by the day!! WOOHOO!!

in steemit •  3 years ago  (edited)

Love the new layout @dan and @ned , way better , even thlugh its a small change , much improved!!

One suggestion if i may, maybe a personal trading history tab so you can look at your own trade history!

This place is just getting better by the day!!


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I was looking over this and was stoked! I think the history tab is a great suggestion too.

Thanks mate , yeah it just makes it easier to see where you have been when you are planning your trades, i got pieces of paper everywhere lol keeping track !!

Add EXP and I will give some powerful free promo for STEEM. This is the perfect time for decentralized exchanges, based on the shenanigans going on elsewhere. :P

Will hope steemit will develop like this further

I believe they will, they have been doing stuff all the @dan and @ned and @devs have been doing things all the time !