Now the dust has settled My Take on Steemit!! And how it has SETTLED!!

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So its been a few more weeks and the dust is settling and , things are running smoothly, so i thought I would look around, see how things are running and give my take on the whole situation and were i think things are going and some ideas that might help build a better, stronger site for all members. #dan #ned #devs


The Steemit Platform, its nice and neat, loads of room for expansion and upgrades, but in all works as it should. Personally never had a problem, updates come through thick and fast. I am sure as the platform evolves we will see many changes that will benefit all users.

A few things that could be considered in future updates

  • Public API's, i was looking at designing some WordPress plugins so bloggers and site owners could post from there sites and blogs directly to there blog on Steemit, but i need API's to design this.
  • Maybe a vote cap, and what i mean not the amount of votes a person can get, but say a cap on the value of the vote, some posts for what they are just seem extremely excessive, I do understand freedom of peoples choice and there right to vote for whatever they like and find interesting. (Just a opinion)

Internal Markets!!

This personally is my favourite area within the whole platform and think its a great add on to the platform and to all the @devs , @dan and @ned 2 thumbs up on it.

It had a update the other day on its layout, which i think added another plus to it.

A few things that could make it that little bit more user friendly

  • page updates faster, sometimes you have to refresh the page to see price changes and other events on the market page.
  • I spoke to someone in the slack about this, they were obviously one of the devs, but ill put it here again, a personal trade history for users, so you can keep track of what you have done,  so you can plan your next step to becoming a millionaire!!

Some people have suggested adding other currencies to it, Im'm in 2 minds about this, yes it would probly attracted more people from the crypto realm and give a wider diversity of trading, but saying that i like the Steem/SBD pegging and i think in a way it would dilute the internal market, its nice, simple and too the point basically.


This is another area i love it's like STEEM is the Gold and storage and SBD(steemdollar) is the currency, I believe having these 2 separate but linked Token's is a smart not only crypto idea (and before anyone starts, I know other currencies have done similar things) and also on a economical view point as well, for exaple the talk about the product market whether its ebay,amazon or public listing site style market, having a native currency has so many pluses to it, if it is set up right people WILL want to use it and will exchange there currencies for SBD to get on and use it and in that way it will be set at a stable pricing structure for the trades/purchases.


Ok I'm a trader, love it and love trading STEEM/SBD, and with them i mainly trade on the internal market, my way is i dont look at increase $$ value, I look at increasing my holdings, the $$$'s will come.

and that leads me to my favourite part of this whole platform


This to me would have to be one of the best, most powerful and  ingenious ideas, when i read about this it just blew me away, and made my mind up 101% to go in on this. It is like a forced savings plan or superannuation scheme, it can be withdrawn and dumped only over a period of 2 yrs can you get it out. I use it as my retirement plan, everytime i make profit, whether it be from a blog, trading or even if i put money into cryptos, 10% gets turned into STEEMPOWER,  it helps to stabilise the currency and also you make like interest on it, in real time .

I have been impressed from the start and get more and more impressed by the day, the whole team and the community have made it work and while we keep growing and doing what we are all doing, IT WILL KEEP WORKING AND GROW EVERYDAY!!


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