My Way at promoting Crypto's , Through Gaming , My first game app!! Show some love !!

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Hi there , well i have ventured in to the App world !! I have been learning coding over the last 5 years and have fell in love with the unity platform , dont a few courses and spent alot of time building , fixing , and more fixing , oh and more fixing lol finally releasing my first Crypto Game!! 

I am going to use crypto's as the characters or symbols in all games!!

Why you ask?? well if people see these symbols , them my belief is people will become curious and want to find out about crypto's , it will create recognition and also bring crypto's a little more into the general public.

So download the game , at the moment its on the play store for android

I have submitted it to iTunes , Im just waiting for the approval of the app there should only be a couple of hours.

At the moment it doesn't have adds and the in app purchases are not enabled , basically have a play and let me know what you think , a nice star rating would be great to push it up the list to get it seen by more of the general public !!

Any bugs post them here and ill sort them out !

Here are some pics of different parts of the game!

If you look closely you will see the Steem symbol amongst the crypto symbols, It will be used in up coming levels as a special symbol!

Like i said this is my first lets say production gaming app. Its simple and based on a popular game out there for a test run!!

Im calling the gaming company Bitdv Gaming , my tag in forums and that is Bitdv which i have used for years ..

The next game i am looking at making will be loosely based around Angry Birds, with the characters based on various crypto currency symbols!

So why gaming  I hear you ask??

Well before crypto's i was a mad keen online gamer, played them all , spent hours, even days at a time playing anything , then a gamer friend said try this , i got a link to a BTC wallet and actually thought it was like a game where people were pitting there computers against one another to see who had the most powerful computer to find the block , pretty naive and had no idea , well it was early 2010 , god i wish i had those bitcoins now lol I would be very comfortable, anyways i love games ,

So were am i going with all this, well after i feel comfortable with my skills I want to do a few things , firstly open a crypto Itunes/playstore dedicated to cryptos, so app developers can put there apps and earn cryptos , from adverting/in app purchases and the so forth , more of a short term goal and not overly that hard , the long term goal for me personally is to develop a MMORPG game something on the lines of EVE online, but obviously not a clone of EVE online , I have my frame work sorted and again yes cryptos will be the in game money for everything and not just 1 crypto but gammit of crypto's .

To do this obviously it aint cheap and will take a while , i do realise this for those thinking that i plan on having it up like next week! Not sure if I am going to fund it totally myself or have a token  sold in  ICO and crowdfunding , but as i get closer to it all i will make a decision.

but first the App site for all budding App developers, but with everything i do , the aim is to promote crypto's to the general public and find useful uses of cryptos, at value to the currencies in general and the eccosystem as a whole!!

So If you find value in this and would like to help me with this upvote me , all funds I raise will be going towards this .. and please go download the game at

and as soon as itunes gives it the tick of approval ill put it up for the apple peeps!

and show some love and give me a few stars to push it up the list at the play store!!

Thanks and Peace out!!

Shawn Brewer (aka Bitdv)

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