Be careful of this TWITTER ACCOUNT!! CopyCat account Scam!!

in steemit •  3 years ago 

Ok , this happened early hours this morning i played it a little but it looks like a copy cat twitter account for someone to rip people off!!
This is the Original StratisPlatform account

Been open since May 2016 , Its the official one all legit!!

Then this morning i get a notification that StratisPlatform is following me , then within a minute a get a direct message and read it , basically the message was do this survey, then get rewarded it was thru SurveyMonky so i thought Ill have a look done the survey and so on got another message to get my reward had a look and thought hmmmm bit weird , basically the reward (i will add a screenshot said send X amount of Bitcoin to the address and you will receive stratis coins at half price (Bwahahahah whatever) here is the screenshot of the convo and hes a bit pushy and also a screen shot of the copycat account , it has the same twitter links and that but i believe the l in platform is actually a capital "i" which basically looks the same as a lower case "l" = L / uppercase "I"= i ,see the same here are the screen shots

been open since September 2016

and here is a screenshot of the get your rewards page so you know what it looks like

So be careful , maybe report it to surveymoney or twitter , i have on both counts , just dont report the wrong account the copycat account has only been around since September 2016!!

So scammer season is now in full swing!!

Be SAFE and Peace out everyone!!

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