Project Proposal; Steem Bahasa ( Malaysian introducing the use of Malay language)

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Malaysia is Southern East Asian region country with various backgrounds race, religion, tradition.
There are list of details citizens:

  • Race = Malay, Chinese, Indian and Bumiputera
  • Religion = Islam, Buddha, Hindu and Christiane
  • Main Language = Malay Language ( BM)
  • Population = 32Million


Various level background education is not the main problem of not using an English language for writing. The main problem of delivering is the main subject to achieve good content in writing, and different language usage causes unreachable delivery. You also know, today's technology cannot limit language differences. @ned and @dan need to come out with new idea such auto translator for different language.


Our Tag is #BM

Main Mission

To build Non-English community by using Malay language. Our idea are build up Malay Language as Steem Bahasa community group by supporting community and leading community to the right direction for their growth with our marketing strategic and planning. This project will bring more user in steemit platform especially the INVESTOR. Supporting new users with good content is our target purpose.

Our Team



  • Influance artist, song writer, singer.
  • Community direction advisor.



  • Lead artist community
  • Influence musician and singer to join community



  • Masterpiece artwork artist
  • Lead arts and creative bloggers



  • Yamaha Music Teacher (clasical)
  • local investment builder for the community



  • Technical and advisor Steem Bahasa
  • System programmer for project community

Statistic Target User

Facebook User in Malaysia

Untitled.jpg Source

Social Network Language


Planning and Target

Bring Attractive Creators

We will bring more quality content creators in this community. This is our target group.


No 1 attraction part among community in Malaysia is ###Singer. Singer is such an idol for their fans, everything about the singer will be followed by their follower. What you think if their have Million follower? Interesting right? And we have huge planning about this part. Detail about this planning will be explain in our Dischord. Contribution from Steem’s developer or whales will make this planning comes true.

Art and Creative

We have a lot original soul creative art come from various genre. We will bring this group achieve their creativity more visible for world. We must reward their talent and appreciate their artwork, so that more quality artworks can be produced. This group will make Steem Blockchain more colorful.


Different country have different style and music genre. The music listeners will be able to achieve the satisfaction of listening to the distinctiveness of different music.

Creative Blogger

Our creative blogger group will give more focus in benefit the reader. Knowledge and experience is a key to express in blog. This group will only write what internet user want especially. The Google search engine will make STEEM more visible in Malaysian server. We believe in this.

More New Users Will Bring More Creators and Investors

Community Cost And Investor

This is important part to make creative creator stay in steem, otherwise their will just touch-and-go. No appreciation for their tiredness. Steem-Power is needed to support the development of this community.

Curating Trail

There are no high cost to support this community to make Steemit Inc. more popular than Facebook.
Only support Our Curation Trail .If you still don’t have steemauto, you can register and follow curating trail name @sharil . All the follower of our curating trail will be listed in our upvote project. All follower’s post will be selected randomly to our resteem and FREE UPVOTE. We will explain about this in detail in our next posting.


We give opportunity for all investor to take part in our project and this is totally benefit for the investor. Because we will give free upvote for investor as long the delegation take place. The investor will be our priority. We have to create this system to support our initial project run.
#Click link below to delegate


For details and questions about this project. Kindly join our Dischord Channel


Jom semua rakan-rakan Malaysia kita bersatu


hope soon we will grow the comunity as far as the other does,and will influece more users in malaysia to take part in this platform..we are glad to invite all malaysian comunity to join steemit bahasa and use bm as one of our tag to makesure we all get united under our languages (bahasa malaysia)..maybe this will be the best way to give an oppurtinity for those malaysian newbie that have a problem to use english as thier languages to get into this platform,,i will like to give a big thanks to sharil and all our members who had spend their time to study and try to build this platform more easier to our malaysian users.and for those who still new in this platform dont forget to follow sharil for more info in the future and use "bm" as one of our comunity tagg

Great initiatives. Looking forward to see more creative talent contributing their creativity with us in #BM language. There are 40% of 19 millions of FB users in Malaysia are communicating in BM and the potential is big. Many of my creative friends are reluctant to join this platform only because they are not well conversed in English. Hopefully this will solve part of their problem. I will give my full support. Cheers!
Upvoted and resteemed.

Semoga berjaya. Sokong sepenuhnya.

Terima kasih tuan sireh...hehehe

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im really interested with this initiative! lets go all the way to nusantara to include indonesia brunei singapura skali! boleh pergi jauh ni. :)

Welcome dude....

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Wish your team good luck on that. Indeed language should not be the barrier at all.

Yes, I totally agree. Language should not be a barrier when posting and communicating with fellow Steemians from around the world. Perhaps @sharil can liaise with @bitrocker2020 to see how he and the rest of the community at #teammalaysia can support this initiative moving forward

Interesting idea. Support and collaboration from local witness is one of good opportunity to grow this community in this region. Looking forward for that step.

Thank you bro

Bm.....idea yg bgus

Bukan melayu.. malaysia bro....

Hai @nredwo84 selamat datang ke steemit. Untuk dapat upvote dari komuniti yang ramai . Boleh click link curating trail steembahasa dalam posting di atas..... kelebihannya kami faham posting anda untuk kami upvote

Saya sangat setuju dengan ide anda..
Salam kenal @jain

inisiatif yang bagus, diharap bloggers-bloggers yang sedia ada yang ramai pengikut berminat menyertai platform steemit. semoga maju jaya team steemit #bm

Jom join...dengan click link invitation discord

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