Brisbane Steemit Meet Up

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Loving my swag from Meet Up for my new role as City Organiser. For our Brisbane Meet Up, I’ll be the hobbit in the green Meet Up t-shirt!

Here’s the link to RSVP
Join me at Sunday sesh


Ooh you get swag :-)

I was thinking about a national meetup group where the mods from different states have access to set upcoming meetings and stuff.

Is this your personal account or did you just set it up for Steemit?

Good luck with the drinks.

Good luck with the meetup! :)
I am new on Steemit so I'd really love to make some friends here! If you want for us to support each other, please show me some love on my account and I will make sure I keep reading your lovely articles! :)

Hi @vildanasuta, the best place to start getting some attention for your posts would be to join the #newbieresteemday initiative (and use the tag in your posts) so that all the new comers can help support each other. For more details look at @davemccoy and @mudcat36's profiles and the various activities that also help to support the newbies here.

Most importantly, keep writing and sharing your story on Steemit :)

Looking forward for the Meet Up. Here is a link of a post with some info about what's going on in Brissy. Enjoy it:

Hiya. @andysantics48 and I will be in Brissie for three days in May (17th to 20th), with her daughter and grandson. I was wondering who the members are there, if there is anybody I already "know" and if there's likely to be a meetup. How often are you having them?

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