Steemigram becomes Share2Steem - New features and major improvements

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Steemigram, the tool which allows users to post on Steemit using the Instagram app, had a good start. In a few days, the members count exploded. But Steemigram was only a test run.

Today, Steemigram becomes Share2Steem, and offers much more...

Share on Steemit using your favourite social apps

Of course, Share2Steem (a.k.a s2s or S2S) still allows to post on Steemit using the Instagram app, but the concept is now extended to other social media outlets, starting with Twitter. From now on you'll also be able to post on Steemit using the Twitter app or the Twitter website ! And, as you can guess, many other social media applications will follow !

And before you ask, yes, YOUTUBE IS ON THE WAY ! And it's almost there...

What's new ?

1) New website and improved security

First of all, the main website has changed. A secure dedicated server has been set up. We know some users were not totally confident as was not secured (https). It's now fixed with the new website (Rated A+ on SSL Labs).
A lot of other security features were added, but we won't get too technical here.

2) Account validation

From now on, all accounts will have to be verified.
After having entered your account name (Twitter screen name - the @name - or Instagram handle - the account can not be private ) on the site, a small character string will be given to you.
On your first post on a given social media platform, you'll need to insert, somewhere in your post, this small character string (and of course the #share2steem tag), in order for your account to be verified and begin the automatic posting on Steemit of all your future publications in this media.

This will ensure two things :

  • a Share2Steem user will now have to prove he's the owner of the account he's linkin with Steemit.
  • a Twitter or Instagram account can not be used and resteemed twice, by different members.

3) Referral program

A brand new referral program has been put in place.
Each user will have a personal link he can share to promote the project (the link is displayed on your Settings page on If this link is used by a newcomer for his registration, the referrer will earn 4% of the referral's posts rewards (The fee taken by Share2Steem will diminish to keep the total fee at 10%).

4) Curation trail

Finally, you'll be able to participate in the Share2Steem curation trail. This trail will be managed by Share2Steem and won't depend on SteemAuto. Once logged in on the site, you will be able to participate to the trail, with a voting value and a minimum voting power of your choice (10 % of upvote strength and 98 % minimum Voting Power by default).
You can modify these values or stop your participation in the curation trail at any time in your Settings page.

Only users who activate the curation trail on their accounts will benefit from it. And it will be fair and equitable : the more you give, the more you receive.
Delegators will also be granted a place of choice in the Trail.

How does it work ?

When your account is set up (once you have logged yourself in via SteemConnect), all you have to do is continue to use Instagram or Twitter as you've always done, with a little twist :
On all the publications you want posted automatically to Steemit, you will have to include the hashtag #share2steem !

But as stated before in the new features : Don't forget the account verification. On any post once you have set your account name on the Share2Steem website, you will have to post the personal key provided by the site (only once to get your account verified). The state of the verification will be displayed on the relevant page on the Share2Steem website with instructions.

Once your account is verified (and including the publication where you put your personal key), the service will post automatically your content on Steemit, and cast votes if you are part of the curation trail.

Of course, you can use as many tags as you want on your Tweets or Instagram posts, but only the first 4 will be turned into Steemit tags (a place is reserved to share2steem).

As before, with Steemigram, the creators take a 10% fee (5% to @sebbbl and 5% to @algo.coder) on every post, except for the ones posted by accounts who came to our site thanks to a referrer, as the fee will be reduced to 6% (3% each) and 4% for the referrer.

The beginning of a wonderful adventure

With Share2Steem, and the upcoming other social media connections, we're aiming and hoping for a massive adoption of Steem.
Of course, the goal is not only to help people monetize their social media activities, but also to promote the power of the Steem blockchain on other social media outlets. We just monetized traditional social media, even for small accounts. No need to be an influencer anymore...
Of course, influencers will also take a huge advantage of Share2Steem, as they will be able to earn STEEM without saying goodbye to their fanbase or their favorite app...

And for Steem users, it means a lot of new users so an increased demand for STEEM and higher prices.

Important notice

From now on, will redirect to

During the next week (before the shut down of the steemigram app) :

  1. The service will continue to be functional and will still post on Steemit every Instagram publication made with the #steemigram tag by a user who subscribed on the steemigram website,
  2. Every post made via Steemigram will receive an automatic comment to inform the author about the existence of the new version and the new website.

After a week, the steemigram service will definitively shut down (stopping its automatic posting of Instagram tagged publications) and all SteemConnect tokens will be revoked.

Share2Steem is a beta version. If you notice bugs, or if you have suggestions, please tell us here or on our Discord server.

Last but not least, we plan to add other social media connections. What would you like to see next (expect Youtube which is coming) ?

Join us !

So join us right now at, register, link your social accounts, start earning money, promote and democratize the Steem blockchain all over the social media world !

If you have any question, feel free to contact us on Discord !

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OMG this is an Instagram killer @kenmelendez and I will be signing up @emaferice for it!!!

I already switched over to Steem-based platforms like @steepshot @steemit and @dlike but she was having a hard time making a complete switch.

This will make it automatic and if she starts earning by posting with @share2steem the long-term game plan is that she and other Instagram users will eventually make a complete switch 😊👍

This definitely deserves it's own post @kenmelendez and I heard it first from @jongolson 😁✌️

Yeah man! Awesome stuff 💪🏻 I’ll be sure to do a video on this service.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Okay @kenmelendez that sounds good 😊👍🏼

@emaferice already did a trial post and it looks good.

The picture turned out a bit blurry but it is also blurry and not so clear when Instagram shares to Facebook.

I asked @emaferice to refrain from using the Instagram filter to see if that will prevent the photos from losing their clarity when it is shared on @shared2steem.

You can also recommend in your videos and posts that @dtube and @steepshot adopt similar features. I will also leave suggestions on @share2steem's posts so that they can improve their service.

It worked like a charm 😁✌🏻

Hi @christice,

Thanks for giving it a try, and glad you like it !
We hope indeed lots of peolpe will use it as a switch to the blockchain. Feel free to spread the word, and join on Discord !

Anyone has a referral ? 😜

Is there a fee for using this share2steem service? Like dtube takes 25% is there a percentage taken from our rewards? If so how much?

  ·  last year (edited)

We kept the same fee as Steemigram : 10%, dispatched equally between @algo.coder and I. If you have referrals using #share2steem, we lower our fee to 6% on their posts, and you earn 4% of their rewards.

Well done, guys. You've put in some hard work. And apparently, you've outdone yourself with the design :0)

I'm working on a post - I hope to get it done today.
I just wanted to check if this is the main account now, and that delegations should be sent here?

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @simplymike !
Thanks a lot for your kind words !

I'm happy the design is OK with you but it will still be improved, I'm not feeling satisfied yet about it...
This is the main account from now on, you can delegate to it.
Thank you in advance for your support.

There is always room for improvement, but it's already a huge difference compared to the old site. :0)

Thanks a ton for your delegation !

You're welcome :0)
It's not much yet, but it's a start.

Amazing Work! Good Luck!

Looks good, signed up my dog's instagram page, @mallorystbernard :). Does the share2steem tag have to be the first one?

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi ! Thanks a lot for your interest in our app.
No, the tag doesn't have to be in first position, it just has to be in the post !
When posted on Steem, it will be put at the 5th position maximum (if it's at a later position, if not it will be kept at the position you put it in your post).

And nice dog, by the way !

I noticed that if i do put #share2steem in the tags in the first 5, the 5th one gets left off,

For example,

OK, that's strange, gonna take a look !
Thanks for telling us !

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I upvoted your post.

Cheers to you.

Posted using condenser site.

A very good initiative that we hope, will bring news steemians and make more connections with the conventional social medias !

Upvoted at 100% and resteemed !

I suppose I could just start using the app to find out, but I'm wondering if the content is actually uploaded to Steem? Or is it linked from the source?

Hi @wholeself-in, image is linked from source indeed.

why you use my power for voting

Posted using Partiko Android

  ·  last year (edited)

You can deactivate it in the Settings page on
If you deactivate it, you won't benefit from the trail (meaning others won't automatically vote for you when you post). It is a give-and-take system.
By default, we will only use your Voting Power (VP) if it is greater than 98 %

This was explained in the point 4) of this post.

this is not good for me this service is use my vote power for other user

  ·  last year (edited)

As said before, you can deactivate curation trail on settings page on share2steem website. But other members won't vote for you.

I can see that you deactivated it.
So now it will never vote on your behalf again.

But you won't receive any votes from the curation trail (from the other users of the @share2steem app)

This is a great feature. Thank you very much. I realy be glad if you was able to link olso Musicoin like other social one day. In this case musicians could beneficiate of a great cross-chain opportunity. Tell me if this can be possible.

This is a pretty sweet service. I'm happy that I ran into it and tried it out! I will definitely be using this to crosspost content onto my steem blog from my instagram and twitter.

Did the certificate expire on the website?