Niece Learning Jewellery Making..,

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My 14 year old niece is learning jewellery making at home. She has started watching YouTube videos one month before and I love how fast she is learning to make jewellery?

Hopefully, she would make amazing designs one day and will make me feel proud.😊

Sharing some best designed made by her:

Beads Bracelet

Girly Pink Earrings And Pandent


Necklace Set

Please do support her guys! Do comment if your like her designes.
Thanks and have good day to all.


Shanu, these are really amazing pieces - she is very young and very creative! I wish her all the best with this, as she is so talented.

Thank you sooo much Philinda... she will be very happy to know that her designs are good and she will do hard work for more amazing designs. Once again thanks a lot for your kind and motivating you! Take care and stay blessed!

Awesome, my dear - tell her I simply love her work, and that she is super smart! You you too my angel!

Thank you Philinda, sure I would tell her that you loved her work and complimented.. thank you for your sweet word sweetheart. Take care😊

You're welcome my dear, you should do more posts on her work!

Hi Shanu, Greetings from #HHG12! So creative and talented your niece. Keep on making these and I think she is on the way to become accessories top artist. My favorite is the second and the third one. Take care and Stay Blessed :D

Insha Allah! She will become a good jewellery designer... Thank you for acknowledging her work Ainie. I appreciate your support and sweet words for her. I must say she will be very happy to know about your compliment. Take care and stay blessed!