What are vests?

in steemit •  last year

Hi Fellow steemians.

I have just come to realize that there is another reward associated with creation .


When I found a stream of rewards come in in vest some from steemians I fallow.

Don't remember which of the new steems basted tools I exploring.

@steemauto. @steemplus or ???

In the attempts to create a new account for my beekeeping mentoring. I found a place that I could spend vests! The process was failing with an unknown error. In debugging the error. I was going though the values entered to see if there was an error due to invalid values in the fields. First was the min amount of steem to transfer The second was min value of vests. Nether stated in the form.

Questions came.

  • How do I find out my vests balance so I know what I have to share?

  • What is value and intended purpose in the system.

    What to share on to best utilize the potential of the resource? If you have something to share here we all will benefit by it.

Thanks for fallowing along. Comment to share what you think

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