The First STEEM App Development Course on Udemy

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Hi community, we finally have a Steem development course on Udemy!

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LINK: Introduction To Steem Apps Development Using JavaScript

SMTs will soon come into play and to get new developers familiar with the Steem blockchain, I created a course titled - Introduction To Steem Apps Development Using JavaScript.

The course focuses on the implementation and functions necessary to create a steem app, plus the Steem JS library along with React JS is used in the course. I structured the course in a way that let's people learn fast as most videos are 5 minutes long and cover a topic. This course is also aimed at beginners and requires only basic JavaScript, ES6 and React to follow.

Below is a list of what the course covers:

  • Posts CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Comments CRUD
  • Pagination
  • Reblogging
  • Getting User Details
  • Upvoting, Downvoting & Cancelling Votes
  • Implementing Login/Authorisation

If the course does well, I will be creating more courses such as ones regarding SteemConnect Apps, Steem Mobile App Creation using React Native and Redux and SMTs (when released).

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