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SteemTracked 1.0

Steemit User Analytics Tool

Overview & Post Engagements

Hashtag Performance

Followers - Reputation Groups, Top Follower, Most Steem Power

Followers Table

Posts Table

Monitor your Steemit progress through hashtags, posts,
upvotes, comments and earnings.

Why I Created It

It all started when I wanted to get an overview on my steemit progress and while I was using excel to insert some data, I was searching for ways that didn't require me to do it manually and then the idea came of creating a steemit user analytics site.

Version 1.0 Features & Fixes

  • Access Analytics Through URL

You can now directly access your analytics through the URL instead of going through the homepage. I've had this update in mind and @armandocat who created Steemit More Info requested that I also implement that feature.

Also the '@' symbol must before your Steemit username when checking user analytics through URL, just like on Steemit. Otherwise, you will be redirected to the homepage.

  • [FIXED] Accounts With No Posts/Followers

The loading modal would be stuck when loading up accounts for those with no posts/followers and that's now fixed.

  • [FIXED] Currency Switching

Switching the currency from dollars to either pounds or euros no longer fails, you should now be able to switch the currency in an instant.

  • Shortcut To Toggle Switch User

ESC Button - Toggle the switch user box.

Every update my goal is to improve user experience, therefore I'll be adding features that allow users to access their analytics quicker.

Steemit User Analytics Tool

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow, I am already addicted to your tool. It gives so much valuable data in an elegant way. Sleek design. I will make a Steemy video about it!

Steemy approves:



Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

Upvoted and following, like your tool a lot,
(Would it be oké to included it into SteemPi ? )

Yes definitely! I'm also planning on either an API or plugin soon.

Awesome, one more tool to track the activity
Thanks for sharing

Yeah, literally see your whole steemit progress and most importantly your averages. Glad you like it!

This is a great tool. Being new at Steemit, I find this tool very useful. You can be sure that I will be using it quite frequently.

To show my appreciation, I have followed you, resteemed this post so that others can have access to it and upvoted this post. My two-cents pally. Well done!

Thanks a lot man really appreciate it and followed you back ;)

Super cool site, thanks! So much stuff packed in there . It's like steemdb+steemwiz+steemnow

Incredible tool you got here! Very useful, thanks for creating it. :-)

I'm happy you find it useful, thanks for the support.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Excellent work!
(slight bug report ... did not get past record 99 downloading - with macbook pro retina on safari BUT worked beautifully with Chrome and no doubt everything but Safari - which often is not supported fully)

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Interesting...thanks for sharing and glad you liked it!!

Man i wish my total earnings was that much ?

I am yet to know why your account total earnings is x4 the actual amount. Will find out soon :)

Nice API for Steemit users analytics !!!!

Excellent work dude!

Some stats next to the follower who has given you the most up-votes, and who has given you the most $$$ would be sweet.


Yeah thanks for the suggestion, it's something I'll consider.

Dude this site is LEGIT! So freaking cool. I resteemed this without thinking twice!

Thanks for the support bro, guys like you make me continue to develop it :)

I really appreciate that man! I honestly wish I had your skills to provide amazing stuff like you do to this community. Glad I could give your site some extra exposure!

Wow, thank you for the useful tool!
I think it helps me ☺

this tool is very useful, I am glad to see this :)

Very good tool !

I have one question: does you take delegation into account in the followers details for the upvote amout ? (I do not think so but you should be able to confirm that :-) )

Yeah delegation is also taken into account

The first time I saw SteemTracked just now is what I imagine seeing in color for the first time must be like.

You are a beautiful human being. Thank you.