I Am Finally Understanding Steemit

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Coming into Steemit, it is bewildering. There is curation, voting, delegation, and so many things. My understanding and reason for joining was that I could blog and generate a few pennies here and there. This is not much different than my blog over on Blogger.com, which has Adsense running for pennies here and there. I had to figure out what all the fuss was about.

One of the benefits of this platform is the self-licking ice cream cone function. Steemians write about Steemit. This has been very instructive in learning how the rewards work and how to maximize them. Unfortunately, these same posts leave you feeling that the platform is all about gaming the system to your advantage. Although, you don't necessarily have to play the game. You could, instead, simply blog, post your videos, vote, and comment like you would on any other social network without regard to the rewards. Theoretically, good content and good citizenship would yield great rewards, right?

Now that I have invested some time into learning what the game is here on Steemit, I'm just going to do what comes natural, which is to write, make videos, and post photos. I'll only passively play the Game of Steemit.

For now, I am interested in D.Tube as a place to post videos. I have been posting things on YouTube; but, they keep changing the rules to make it more and more difficult to make some pennies. I know that if I put the effort forward, that I could definitely qualify for monetization, there is no telling if the rules will change once I get there.

So, I'm here for a fresh start. New audience. New playing field. I'm finally excited about Steemit, now that I know what it's about. I look forward to meeting some great people and using my creativity.

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This is the place to be and for sure with time. Hard work. There are awesome opportunities for all the creators in here 😀

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