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The whole Justin Sun fiasco has gone out of proportions firstly he doesn't read the agreements Ned Scott made with the witnesses regarding the Steemit.Inc reserve assets, and makes a shady deal with him at a discounted price. Then after realizing how big of a mistake he made and his asset of 65 million Steem can't be taken out for 4 years he panicks and tries to take over the witness voting power on the network with the help of his exchange friends binace and houbi.

Fortunately our Steemit community came to the rescue and we are once again in the majority there is no hostile taekover in a decentralized crypto network here Mr. Sun. Now he has no where to hide and must come to an agreement with the witnesses and I guess his ego isn't letting that happen. The exchanges have also made a blunder by freezing all of their respective user Steem tokens to steempower for 13 weeks using that to vote fir Justin Tron. A futile effort that let us see the ugly side of too much power. Thankfully our community didn't waiver and we are back at the dominant position.

While all this was going on Steem price increased in the market due to shortage of supply not really long term but just for now. Hope this drama ends in the favor of the community and we remain decentralized as we are at the end. A big salute to our witnesses for standing their ground and the community for backing them up.

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