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We are about to officially launch the first public release of ShadowBot! Thanks again to everyone who has been part of this great project! We are excited to see the last 2 weeks of development about to come together!

Version 1.1 Official Public Release: Tuesday September 19, 2017 04:20 AM Eastern

Release Updates Include:

NSFW toggle
New Voting Power Management Policy
Auto Resteem feature
Limit weekly upvotes per author option
And many internal updates to increase speed and get ready for scaling to handle more Shadow Casters!

Thanks again everyone!


Please remove me from this group also.

I'm disappointed with the auto resteem update followed by a triple resteem in my blog feed.

We are sorry to see you go and we have removed you from our system!

Yo, deej how do I remove myself from shadowbot?

Simply change your private posting keys

Can you not just remove me? I have my posting key I several things I need.

btw it is ocibvenom from the (We were gonna do a project together)

I can but I highly recommend changing it when you get a chance as it is the most secure method in crypto. I removed you from our system but I still do advise changing the keys at some point asap. Sorry to see you go thanks for joining us for the time you did!

Could you please remove me as well.

Thank you

Yep me too please ! @shadowbot

i like this post...the post is very very great..thanks for steemit information in everybody....upvoted....

Glad to help! Our mission is to create a tool that will help you maximize the potential of your steemit account!

lol i got scared of damn who was using my account haha then i realize i gave shadowbot 😍

Me hubiera gustado toda la informacion junta en un solo post y no dos post

Awesome! What a great set of tools to help people build up their account!

Oh some of these features you may start to see over the next few hours as we get them online! We will announce officially when everything is up and running later tonight (well early tomorrow morning but before dawn so it's night!)

Good, but you made a lot of account´s Resteem 3 times per account

We have set the auto resteem feature to be off by default going forward. We apologize for any harm it may have caused in the initial launch.

Thanks you I thought, that I was stoled

No, was poor judgement by our team to decide to launch with it on by default. We apologize for the mishap!

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