ShadowBot Website Close To Being In The Top 500,000 Websites In The World!

in steemit •  6 months ago

While being in the top 500,000 of something may not sound super impressive at first, remember 2 things, we are only 7 months old, AND there are MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of websites at this point that exist.


When you consider that in just 7 months we get enough daily traffic to be ranked 527,190 by Alexa it begins to show just how powerful Steem and the ShadowBot Communities really are!

Thanks to everyone involved we are growing faster each day! This is an amazing time to begin Powering Up as we are beginning the transition from a simple bot to a full platform with many more tools and features that will enable everything that we see possible on Steem!

For more information on ShadowBot:



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Sweet! It's almost like watching crypto go up! That is going to jump even more soon :)


When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol


@jonbit @shadowbot Hi. please help what is this and how this vp.PNG precent can help my shadowbot account?


You go, shadowbot.

Congrats to @shadowbot!
Happy to be a part of this amazing team! CHEERS!

Lets get it to top 100

Badass! That's what you get for making a really cool, helpful system.

Out of curiosity, what gave you the idea to look that up?

Wao that's great Congratulation @shadowbot Resteemed

Congratulations @shadowbot! This is a great step forward! Our community is growing fast thanks to you!

Hello @shadowbot I am not getting vote nor my votes going to others. My Caster ID: 1202 Please help me. May be something wrong with my ID. It is happeing when I change my posting key.

please help me to follow

That is great news. More great news to come :)

wow, that's great news. we are getting bigger and bigger. I'm so happy that I have join such a great project.

Happy to be a part of this amazing team

Congratulations @shadowbot!
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Wow, this is huge, are you planning to put some ads on your website, you can reinvest those earnings in Steem, that way we can improve our pool reward a lot, its a great idea and its beneficial for all of us, because having that much users and no income seems like a waste. Of course, this is just my opinion. :D

everything looking good for the most part.

Nice to read about you and you posts and views. I am into steemit from august 2017, I am interested in photography and I am also into crypto trading and investing,I have followed you so you can also follow me. Let us all join hand and work with one common objective to make steemit reach to great height.
Best Of luck

Amazing, really very useful information this. I really like it and I will try this new thing.
Thank @shadowbot👍👍👍

A great effort deserves encouragement
Continue to follow you and I hope you will be honored to follow up

Nice informative website

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I think you will like it,
I hope you have a wonderful day!! XOXO