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in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

Upon review we are happy to announce we will begin to endorse @suggeelson for witness!

We are happy to have another great witness with us, but, if we could make a small comment, we would really like to see more stuff targeting education for minnows/n00bs!

@suggeelson you got some good "chops", tune them up and make a masterpiece! Witnesses are the backbone and who we look up to most for leadership! Focus more of your posts on educating the masses and everyone will endorse you!

Either way you have been doing good things and we are happy to endorse @suggeelson! Congrats!


I really like your post :)
visit my blog @chairulfauzi and do not forget vote my posting

Wow really this nice post.... @ahadowbot

Thank you very much for the trust and support. I will not let you down.

Thank you so much for being caster and contributor, you have my vote!

i upvoted u do the same need ur help

vote,comment i did hope u will back.

Yes mr bot, I did up vote (other posts/comments) and commented back! congrats on adding literally 0 value to steemit!

Upvote and comment please

Never heard this witness name. Will check and keep an eye on him for while. After that take decision about voting.

He is a new comer, and needs to refine his approach a bit (you can see that above in our post) but from what we gathered, he has been a good steemian and seems dedicated to becoming a serious witness contender!

right behind you, we need good strong leadership. Thanks

Up & Comment
Good luck

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